Rush Hour 2 (2001) Review


Lee and Carter are back for more crazy action mixed with comedy as they head to Hong Kong for Carter to have a nice vacation. Or so he believes, until they end up involved in a counterfeit money scam!


This second instalment pretty much picks up where the first film ended on the plane heading to Hong Kong. We can pretend in the film world that three years had actually passed between the two films. Now that doesn’t make a difference obviously as we can watch them one after the other.

Lee and Carter end up involved in something that they shouldn’t, which is no surprise really. It all pretty much links back to the first one with the different jokes and then recycling similar moments really. Which was something that was always going to happen when you get a sequel in this genre. That does not really stop the film from being enjoyable and funny though.

Lee must face his father’s ex-partner and this really does push him to the limit in trying to crack the case. Especially when things take twists and turns, which I won’t spoil just incase you have never seen the film before. I guess it is predictable but again not something I am too concerned about with this genre.

I loved being able to reminisce about my 2013 trip to Hong Kong during the early scenes in Hong Kong. It really is an outstanding place and I actually forget how many different films it is featured in. We get a few lovely shots of the amazing buildings at night as well. A place you really should think about visiting at least once!

Chan and Tucker do work very well together, and I have to admit that seeing the outtakes at the end is even more hilarious than some of the actual scenes and lines. Tucker tends not to stick to the script and just goes for it throughout. I was actually surprised to read that Chan does not like these films and was unhappy with not being able to do more stunts compared to his other films.

While I am sure I have seen Rush Hour 3, I cannot actually remember anything from that film?!?!

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