Rush Hour (1998) Review


When the Chinese consul’s daughter is kidnapped Lee an inspector from Hong Kong who knows the girl well travels to LA to help in the search, having to team up with Carter, a loud mouthed LAPD detective, who was given a special assignment to keep Lee out of the way.


When both men are thrown together and realise that they are not actually supposed to get involved in the case they decide to take things into their own hands. Which pretty much does not work out in the way they plan it too, causing absolute chaos around LA in the process. Which let’s face it makes for a very funny action film.

Considering the event at the core is the kidnapping of Soo Yung it certainly does have a very interesting story at the core of it. Who is actually responsible and can they find her in time? Some of the scenes are pretty impressive in that sense. The relationship building between Carter and Lee is very good as well, some of the lines hilarious and even twenty years on, OMG yes it really is twenty years old now this film! How on earth did that happen? Anyway some of the lines you would probably struggle to have in a film to this day, but I don’t even care I still find this film very funny and entertaining from start to finish.

It had been years since I last watched this film and I am very happy that I still enjoy it and find it funny. I struggle so much with comedy films and actually finding them amusing. Luckily still laugh at this one, mainly with Chris Tucker and some of the lines the gets throughout. Teaming him up with Jackie Chan really was such an inspired and brilliant idea! Bringing different cultures and styles together, mashing them all together in this action comedy film. It really does work out so well. I actually forgot Tom Wilkinson was in this film to be brutally honest, not that he is bad in it or anything I just think the focus is fulling on Tucker and Chan!

Mixing the in the martial arts to take away from using guns (most of the time anyway) adds to the action scenes and as normal Jackie Chan gets some impressive stunts to take part in at different times in the film. I feel this gives the film just that little bit more as Chan does his own stunts.

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