Annual Site Stats

I accidentally came across some Annual Site Stats from WordPress. This was in the Insight section on stats just in case any fellow WordPress users would like to look at this. It is something that I found extremely interesting in looking at the different breakdown in stats, come on we all love the stats don’t we bloggers?

Probably the funniest stat has to be the 822 posts that I published back in 2009 when I had first started the blog. I obviously thought that quantity was the way forward and how to really push the blog out there, but with that the average word count I had per post was pretty low, so not as much quality in terms of individual posts. I do try and hit 500 words per review now but happy with 400 if I don’t have a lot to say about the film.

The best thing though really has to be seeing the likes and comments section as that is what makes blogging great – it means people are interested in what you have to say and want to leave a comment. It creates good debates around films and others can also send you links to reviews they have done or previous posts that link together. You find people who like and enjoy the same films you do.

I am actually a little bit shocked that I had not seen this level of detail before and pretty pleased that WordPress manage to keep it all saved like that from over the years. Especially considering the likes for a post was a newer feature than when I first started.

Do you love looking at your blogs stats?

2 thoughts on “Annual Site Stats

  1. It’s always funny to look back. I celebrated five years last month so did two specialist posts. I’ve alwyss found it amusing that some posts will have more likes, while others will have more comments and others more views.

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    • Yeah it’s really interesting. I think sometimes with cinema released films people all review in the same view weeks. But with an older film you can often create more debate if it’s someones favourite


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