Why a Female Doctor Who excites me . . .


Starting tonight at 6:45pm on BBC One the groundbreaking moment that brings the first female to be Doctor Who.

Incredible casting in Jodie Whittaker an actress who I have enjoyed watching since Venus, a film that I feel was very underrated and she did not get enough credit for in my opinion anyway. So Whittaker is taking on the mantel of Doctor Who and given a very important task, to be a success really.

Recently remakes or reboots of films with predominantly female casts have not had the best reviews, I am therefore hoping that is going to be very different for this very popular TV series, surely it is about time and can work out in a very different way to some of the films.

She is the thirteenth Doctor, let’s hope that is far from unlucky. I am sure the curiosity will bring in huge ratings for the first episode of the series tonight. While I have never totally watched Doctor Who, I have only seen the odd episodes (but I do feel like it will be something that I will actually like and enjoy). I will be watching tonight as with the majority of the UK!

Why it is a great moment?

For women and mainly for girls to show them that they really can achieve anything they set their mind on in life and push boundaries. Don’t let anyone tell you that it is not possible because of your gender. Something I find truly inspiring to be brutally honest. Thinking back to when I was growing up my kick-ass women were probably Pink Power Ranger Kimberly aka Amy Jo Johnson, Chyna in Wrestling and maybe Xena Warrior Princess. Those were the only ones I could really think about, as everything else women were more support characters and in the background.

Doctor Who is giving a chance for women to be in the driving seat and really push forward and lead an already successful series. I am hoping that this is really going to be really well received and not tarnished in any way because of gender.

Now to get ready to watch!

8 thoughts on “Why a Female Doctor Who excites me . . .

  1. I loved reading this, and I am so excited to watch the new series later on!! As a Doctor Who fan, I welcome you to the fandom and hope you enjoy the episode and keep watching. Already, all over the world, girls have seen a female Doctor and felt themselves represented within her. Today, there will be so many new people tuning in for the first time to watch Doctor Who and I am so happy for that! I have also written a post when Jodie was first introduced https://musingsofkriti.wordpress.com/2017/07/17/jodie-whittaker-as-the-13th-doctor/. It’s not as good as your post but I hope you will like to read it. Thanks

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