True Lies (1994) Review


Harry Tasker is far from the computer salesman his wife Helen thinks he is, actually he is a secret agent battling terrorists and spending a lot of time in other countries. Everything is about to be turned upside down when he thinks Helen might be having an affair.


When a big terrorist plot is happening involving stolen nuclear weapon he must do something about but then trying to find out what his wife has been doing with used cars salesman Simon. Nothing is as it seems with so many different lies and everything becoming very tangled.

Considering Arnie is one of my biggest guilty pleasures this was actually my first time watching this film, I am very pleased that have as it certainly has many different things to offer. Having different genres very much mashed together with action and thrilling moments all combined with some fantastic comedy lines as well. Mainly coming from Tom Arnold who really was good in the supporting role.

Schwarzenegger has a secret agent is something I can totally get on board with and I think he does it with such a messy style that it actually feels more real. The James Bond moves are not used, he’s a married man but must remember to take that ring off during missions! Along with Jamie Lee Curtis as his wife who has no clue about his double life it was then great that she ended up well and truly in the thick of the action.

This leads perfectly into that hotel scene! Absolutely brilliant to see what she was willing to do as part of the mission, having no idea at all that it was actually Harry she was in the room with. Then the reactions being so great as well.

The 90s really did produce some very good action films and this really would go down as one of the best I have seen from that decade (so far anyway). Arnie and Curtis have great chemistry with one another which makes the film in all honesty.

I actually found the whole terrorism plot interesting in terms of that things haven’t really changed and nuclear weapons are still one of the biggest fears to this day and considering the film is now 24 years old! Scary thinking that about something from 1994 isn’t it!

I could easily see myself watching this one again at some point as I really did enjoy it from start to finish. Growing my love for Arnie even more, I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about that! He really was the best at that type of role and so many try to replicate it to this day.

2 thoughts on “True Lies (1994) Review

  1. This movie is great and shouldn’t be surprising as there’s James Cameron behind the camera! In my opinion, everything he did is pure gold (The Terminator, Terminator 2, Aliens, The abyss, Titanic, and even Avatar!). True lies is no exception!

    Thank you for your review!

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