Actors in Family Film Roles!

A couple of nights ago now I turned my TV on and The Flintstones was on with John Goodman as Fred, this was a film I can remember a little from my childhood and when it was first released. It them made me think about other actors that I see from these “kids” films and at the time had no idea that some of these were Oscar nominees or winners and even catching up with their older films I cannot help but remember them from the films that I watched during my younger days!

This is a blog post I have thought about putting together in the past and I have tried to come up with as many actors as possible who I have typecast in what were more family/child aimed films. Feel free to have a think about which actors you still see in this way as well! It is always quite interesting to think about which films you associate with an actor and it is usually the first one you see them in.

Joe Pesci – Home Alone
Surely burglar Harry from Home Alone is not an actor known for gangster films and then lethal weapon? Where he constantly swears? I have read a few times that he had a swear box on set which is hilarious. But honestly I cannot get past this role and then find it hilarious when watching Pesci in different films.

Harvey Keitel – Sister Act

Back when I had no idea about Pulp Fiction and the different range of films Keitel was in he was just the horrible boyfriend in Sister Act wanting to have Dolores killed when she sees too much. I guess his role isn’t too different from other films he had been in, but the singing nuns? This is one of my favourites from childhood, and I will happily admit that I still love watching it now.

Glenn Close – 101 Dalmatians

I had no idea about her bunny boiling past when watching the live action film of 101 Dalmatians and seeing Cruela de Vil being brought to live by Glenn Close. Not forgetting so many other wonderful performances, I still think about her black and white hair!

Danny DeVito – Matilda
I guess quite a lot of the roles are seeing the actors as parents and with Matilda being ideal for me at the time, being the same age as Mara Wilson and therefore feeling I could be the character that left me with thinking of DeVito as the dad from Matilda. Even getting him doing a dodgy stripper dance in Friends years later he is always Matilda’s nasty Dad.

Bill Pullman – Casper
Yet another Dad role and this time it goes to Bill Pullman in Casper also starring a teenage Christina Ricci, I have always liked this film and even when giving it a re watch quite recently still think it is better than similar type of films that are released now. So Pullman is the Dad from Casper!

Walter Matthau – Dennis the Menace
A very well-regarded actor starring with Jack Lemmon and Audrey Hepburn but those aren’t the first films that pop into my head with I think of Walter Matthau. No that is reserved for Dennis the Menace and his role as Mr. Wilson. I think as a kid it was great to see the trouble Dennis used to get himself in!

Jamie Lee Curtis – My Girl
Back when I had no idea at all about her being the Scream Queen and her horror background from Halloween. I cannot help but think about My Girl and her role as Shelly for Jamie Lee Curtis. A nice character as well, which is always a good thing!

Christine Ebersole – Richie Rich
This might seem like a little bit of a strange choice but I have put Christine Ebersole in the list after seeing her on Broadway last year in War Paint the Musical I could not help but think I am watching the Mother from Richie Rich! Having no idea that she in fact a Broadway legend! Especially considering I also went to the CD launch for the musical and had her sign the CD right in front of me and all I could think was Richie Rich’s Mam all those years later.

Albert Finney – Annie
Believe it or not Albert Finney is just Daddy Warbucks in my world. Which is pretty hilarious considering we cannot really say he is the best choice for a musical can we? Especially when you look at the songs and the role. But he did go for it and shave his head for the honour!

John Goodman – The Flintstones
The reason this blog post came about was this film being on TV the other night and that means it was my first introduction to John Goodman, who would even believe that? Taking on the role of Fred Flinstone in the live action version of the much loved cartoon. It is save to say I did not actually re-watch it the other night, although I was slightly tempted.

Michael Caine – The Muppet Christmas Carol
I actually cannot believe that I nearly missed this off the list, long before he was Alfred and after he was some right geezers he took on the challenge of being Scrooge. A role I honestly don’t think he gets enough credit for, mainly because he did it with the Muppets! He will forever and always be my Scrooge and this is the film I cannot help but think about, easily my first Michael Caine film!

So which actors do you really have linked with a certain film mainly from your childhood which is more of a family style film? 

8 thoughts on “Actors in Family Film Roles!

    • Ahh man I’d looked at Hook but just thought about Robin Williams, and he did too many family friendly films. Dustin Hoffman could have totally been on this list!

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  1. Great post! Just thought I’d say that Harvey Keitel was in the kids movie Monkey Trouble starring Thora Birch. I would say that was more of a family movie than Sister Act, but that’s just me. Also, Richie Rich’s mother was in My Girl 2. Don’t forget that Jamie Lee Curtis was in the 2000s remake of Freaky Friday. Sorry, I’m a bit of a movie know-it-all 😉 x

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