Venom (2018) Review


Eddie Brock an investigative report has his world flipped upside down as he attempts to bring Carlton Drake down. Costing him his job and relationship with Anne, but not leaving everything alone he ends up with Venom inside him.


Eddie’s methods of reporting seem to get him into trouble and it was not the first time he had lost a job because of pushing it too far. That was certainly the case with Carlton Drake, but his feelings about him are pretty spot on. From missions to space Carlton Drake brings back “aliens” and wants to get them to absorb into human bodies, pushing the experiments on quickly and as Dr Dora Skirth cannot really handle the way he has done it killing many people, she reaches out to Eddie.

This all leads him to actually then be a match with one of the aliens, known as Vemon. As he cannot work out what is wrong with him and hearing a voice inside his head. Reaching out to Anne and Dr Dan Lewis her new boyfriend, his body scans manage to confuse the doctors. Venom has incredible strength and keeps Eddie alive in very interesting ways. This mixes some comedy moments, with some rather graphic death scenes as well. I guess it can be compared to Deadpool a little in that way, it goes across the line the rest of the Marvel Universe has set up. I was actually thinking that Dr Dora Skirth was going to be an awesome female character, but we don’t get enough of her at all. Which was such a shame really!

The voice of Venom is actually hilarious at times and maybe that makes the film lose its way at times. Although I really do feel like I am on the fence with it, some moments I really enjoyed and others moments were very tedious and predictable. Venom was actually outstanding to look at, but it takes a long time to first see him! I wanted more from the character and species getting to know him more, as some of the things he seemed to want to do and stand for were pretty good. Two losers together?

I guess it was nice to watch a Tom Hardy film and be able to understand what he was saying, just a shame in this one the lines were pretty poor overall. A slightly different role for him though playing more the loser character as he usually has everything. I usually like Michelle Williams but I think she was miscast in this role as just didn’t look comfortable throughout the film. I think her character and performance needed to be a bit more relaxed, which was not what we got in the film. I guess I am left undecided with this film then, did not totally hate it but also did not love it. With the very bad reviews and my low expectations, I feared the worst and it was not that bad at all. Surely it can only get better if they let it grow? It might not get the chance though we will just have to wait and see what the box office is like over the next couple of weeks.

8 thoughts on “Venom (2018) Review

  1. I totally agree with your review but I actually enjoyed their banter. It was fun to watch the film.there were solid issues with the story. But I think venom is just the bases to an entire universe and the first movie always sucks except when it’s Marvel. I really home we get more venom movies.

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  2. How much did this cost to make? That’s the problem for these films, they cost so much that they need to hit big to ensure another can be made, and it can be an unfair expectation. BR2049 for instance was never going to be big enough at the box office to get a sequel. It was a great movie which was enough for me, but had it been a little smaller and broke even/made a profit and we’d got another BR film, maybe that would have been a great franchise up and running? Studios should be more wary of sinking big money into these genre films, especially niche stuff.

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