The Predator (2018) Review


Quinn McKenna gets more than he was bargained for when on a mission with his unit, to take out a drug cartel. But when something arrives from space he had to take matters into his own hands to protect himself. Mailing the helmet and arm shield to his home address. His son Rory can actually work the devices and this causes more Predators to come to Earth.


I feel I need to clarify that I don’t really have much background in the Predator film series or franchise or even individual films. Therefore I don’t really have anything to compare this film too. I am not sure if that was a good or bad thing really. I mean I had heard really bad and awful things about this one, so went in with the lowest expectations possible when going to the cinema. I then kinda didn’t find the film that bad, not as bad as I was prepared for anyway. I am by no means saying it was good either . . .

The main problem with the film is that it felt more like a comedy than sticking to the horror theme and making it actually scary at times. That didn’t happen at all, which is a big shame really as comparing to the Alien films those have you on edge throughout. The band of soldiers that end up working together are total misfits and have been taken out of their units for many different reasons. We are then supposed to believe to fight the predator they will suddenly switch on and be able to do it.

Another thing the film does is put in the autism factor with Rory and that seems to be happening a lot in films now. The only thing is though it wasn’t handled in the best manner at all, like I don’t have an issue with highlighting things like that as many children and adults suffer. But some of the language towards his behaviour was well bad taste really. It also claimed that being autistic is the next step and I am not really sure that is a good message to send out either?

Anyway, the bunch of misfits have to attempt to work together to save Rory as he was able to communicate with these Predators considering he could use the equipment they had sent to earth. Plenty of fight and action scenes, which do get rather gory. Which was a good point really, considering how many times we have battle and fight scenes without any blood. I wanted to try to find something I liked about the film and that was the ending. Maybe if they get another film it will be better and they can work out the problems this one had?

Boyd Holbrook was a decent leading man in all honesty just let down by the very bad script as some of the lines really were awful. He was engaging enough though! I also like seeing Jacob Tremblay and how he keeps doing different genres.

Also does anyone else get annoyed when seeing a character constantly eating or chewing in a film? That was how I felt towards Traeger played by Sterling K. Brown it just seemed very unnecessary!

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