Ratatouille (2007) Review


Remy absolutely loves to cook and appreciates good food, the only problem? Well, he is a rat. That then leads to an unlikely friendship and alliance with a human, a young kitchen worker he manages to control at a famous restaurant to get his creations noticed.


This was my first viewing of this film and I am pretty happy that I can now add it to my seen films from the Pixar selection. It really does have a huge heart and makes you think about being different and not fitting in but still wanting to do what you love and are passionate about. I will admit that was not what I was expecting from a film that is about a rat that loves food and wants to be a chef!

That helps to show the power that Pixar has to create an incredibly deep film with a story that at first seems a little bit too strange. You have to stick with this one though as it really is worth the watch, as the pair find a unique way to work together and create some amazing new dishes. It has plenty of amusing moments mixed together to really make this a typical Pixar film with the very best of everything rolled into one.

Auguste Gusteau was Remy’s culinary hero and as he ends up in Paris he must get to the restaurant owned by the great man himself, that is where he meets Linguini. Considering rats are not welcome in kitchens at all, for obvious reasons Remy had to stay hidden. Using a chef hat to hide and somehow controlling Linguni’s arms by pulling his hair (one of the amusing moments) and that leads to the cooking. But how will everything work out when food critic Anton Ego wants to try out some of the new food he had heard about.

The story manages to get you to think about being accepted into different environments and how you are viewed when doing different things. Something that is pretty impressive and powerful in this animated film about a rat who wants to cook! I cannot put anymore emphasis on that, considering it is not something that has been done before in that manner. Having interesting and relatable characters in animation is something that seems to be happening more often now, maybe just maybe this was one of the early attempts at doing just that? I enjoyed this a lot more than I ever expected which is probably the main reason it has taken me all these years to catch up and watch it!

3 thoughts on “Ratatouille (2007) Review

  1. I think I need to give this one another watch. I remember not being that into it when I first saw it, but my husband loves it. Sometimes, it does take more than one watch for me to really click with a film, so I think I will give it another chance one of these days!

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