Trailer: Mary Poppins Returns (Full)

We don’t really have too long to wait now for the return of Mary Poppins and I have to admit that I completely love this trailer! It really shows the magic they have created with the character we already love so much. Also I didn’t know about some of the cast!

11 thoughts on “Trailer: Mary Poppins Returns (Full)

      • She controversially made some anti-Walt Disney comments around 2013-ish which were pretty much false, but were also around the time the Academy was voting for the Oscar nominations and many people believe that her speech resulted in Saving Mr. Banks only getting like 1 nomination which was previously thought to have been a contender for awards like Best Actress and Best Picture. So every since then, my dislike of Meryl Streep has increased. I also hadn’t seen many (or probably any) films with her before that event, so I didn’t really have a high love for her to begin with anyway.

        They apparently did approach Julie Andrews for a cameo, but she declined as she didn’t wanna like encroach on Emily Blunt’s Mary Poppins.

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