The Happytime Murders (2018) Review


Phil Phillips a puppet and former detective in the LAPD must reunite with his former partner when the puppet cast of a 90s TV show begin to get murdered one by one, including his own brother.


A murder mystery storyline in a film where real life actors are working with the puppets. We are supposed to believe that the puppets and humans all live alongside each other. But that is certainly not in a happy world, where humans don’t fully accept the puppets. So I guess they really could have created something which linked into racism and had some very hard-hitting themes, but that was not followed through or anything really. Just all made into a joke, which is a shame as using that in a different way really could have made something else of this bad film.

The biggest problem with this film (it has many) is that tries to throw in as much sex as possible and make everyone feel uncomfortable and then laugh, considering this all happens with the puppets. Especially having some of the early scenes in a puppet porn shop, with some horrible videos playing and new porn being made. All of this was totally pointless and pretty much set the awful tone of the film and that was when I knew I had made a bad choice deciding to watch this film at the cinema. In all honesty I didn’t read anything about it before hand and decided it might be worth seeing, I was very wrong about that. It is a waste of time and a waste of talent when you look at some of the cast members who I seriously cannot understand why they would take on this project?

Each of the puppets were “murdered” in brutal ways and it doesn’t really take much to work out who was behind it all. Even though one of the plot points was an interesting little twist. So I guess they did try with the plot, but the whole outrageous sex moments took everything away from that. I guess this does confirm though that Melissa McCarthy must just make every single film she is offered as the script was awful and she was very wasted throughout. Elizabeth Banks seems to be another actress who pretty much does what ever she is asked when it comes to roles and I am starting to lose any respect I have had for her, this film really pushing that even more.

The best part was obviously when it ended, but we also got to see them making the film and that was a lot funnier than the actual film. They certainly looked like they had a great time making the film and it was amusing to see how they manage to do certain parts with the puppets. It must be a very long process and it seems such a shame that the end product for this one was so bad when you think of how long the filming must have taken!

It has actually made me think that I would rather see a film version of the stage musical Avenue Q than something like this, so if anyone would like to make that into a film I would be grateful as that has some interesting songs and touches on many themes!

6 thoughts on “The Happytime Murders (2018) Review

  1. It reminded me of “Sausage Party”, a raunchy animated film that substituted “disgusting” for “funny” – and listen, I love a movie that pushes boundaries, but this looked like the “dirty puppets” idea was all they had going….McCarthy needs career guidance fast!

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