His Girl Friday (1940) Review


Newspaper editor Walter uses every trick in the book to stop his ex-wife Hildy remarrying, being his top reporter surely he can come up with something to win her back?


Working in the newspaper business with Walter Burns being the editor and Hildy Johnson as the star reporter. The only problem is she is quite frankly sick of being one the newsroom men! This has led her to want to change her career and find a man who will look after her. When she arrives back telling Walter she is getting married the following day he is willing to do everything possible to stop that happening. 

A lack of time to stop her next wedding he knows that getting her into the right story will stop her doing that. Even though she won’t admit it being a reporter is a very big part of her life and not as easy to give up as she might have originally thought. This creates plenty of tension and interesting moments. 

I think it offers some relationship advice that you both must be willing to work on it and give a little bit back in return. I guess the divorce side was quite rare at the time and something that in current time is done rather quickly. 

Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell provide the perfect partnership as the divorced couple who are still very much in love with each other. 

How charming is Cary Grant though. Seriously each film I watch him in I really wonder what happened to men being men. Something that is very much lost now which is such a shame really. His charisma is on a different level. Balanced out by the ever impressive Rosalind Russell, taking on the role of a very confident woman who really knows exactly what she wants in her life and has a plan on how to do just that, a character that we can still relate to very much to this day. 

The film does not actually have many female characters at all, everything is placed on Hildy and that is quite frankly fine in all honesty as Russell really is outstanding in this film. She certainly carries in such spectacular fashion from start to finish. That is something that will make me want to watch this film again at some point, her performance is on another level.

I guess we can also compare this to the romantic comedies we get now as that essentially is what this film really is. It has such charisma and charm, something we don’t often get now as everything has to be based around sex for some reason. That is something I really love and respect about older films, because of the censorship they were forced to create interesting characters with even better stories and scripts. Maybe, just maybe it would be reassuring to see something like that done in the present day to show that we can communicate with everything being about sex! If you are interested in older films this would be a perfect one to start with.

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