The Jurassic Games (2018) Review


In a rather strange further The Jurassic Games take place each year where 10 death row convicts take part in the virtual reality game with freedom if they manage to survive. Against the other convicts and dinosaurs!


The Host of the game show has a very sadistic nature and does not see anything wrong in having a show where people are allowed to kill each other or be attacked and eaten by dinosaurs as anything wrong. Considering all of the contestants are convicted killers then he sees it as full on entertainment.

The way it works out for the 10 death row convicts is that when they die within the game they are given the lethal injection they were going to receive anyway. This year the game is surrounded with controversy when Tucker enters into it and has always claimed he was innocent for his wife’s murder, even though his was convicted of the crime. He entered into this in an attempt to win and see his children again. Both of them proclaiming his innocence as well. This leads to extra protests against the game happening.

To be brutally honest I had not even heard of this film before until it appeared on Sky Cinema. It is exactly what it sounds like, Jurassic Park meets The Hunger Games whilst also being smashed together with The Running Man. But I guess if you like all of those films then you will find some enjoyment in this one. It is actually better than it first sounds and looks, yes the Sci-Fi is pretty cheap looking at times in terms of the dinosaurs but the storyline and performances are actually pretty decent.

Not a film to be taken seriously at all, which is where it will probably go wrong for some people, 86 minutes in running time so it keeps it nice and short as well. A rather interesting concept behind it all, like we have seen in other films in the past but I don’t think this has ever been combined with dinosaurs? If you give it a chance as a mindless action film I am sure you will find yourself enjoying it. We don’t always need a huge plot, with many twists and turns for a film to be entertaining. I think I found that out when watching this one, not expecting much at all can often be a very good thing!

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