The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) Review


When Audrey is dumped by her boyfriend Drew via text message, her best friend Morgan is doing her best to distract her from the situation. But on her birthday and getting drunk results in them getting involved in an international conspiracy when she finds out her boyfriend was actually a Spy for the CIA.


I had been looking forward to seeing this film so was very pleased that it was on at Cineworld as an Unlimited Screening. Kate McKinnon seems to be the leading female when it comes to comedy at the moment and after watching this film I can really understand why. Throw her in with Mila Kunis who has a rather big fan base and you have a pretty solid base of a comedy film.

This is one of those comedy films that certainly fits within the aimed at female approach and personally I really do love that. We still don’t have a massive amount of comedy films with humour women will enjoy more, that is something this one puts right and we have plenty of relatable moments and one liners which are truly outstanding when comparing to your own life. We have to sit and watch comedies which are mainly for men and bloke humour. We deserve more like this one!

Obviously working as a spy spoof as the two women end up in the deep end throughout Europe as they are trying to honour Drew’s memory by completing his mission. But they have no idea who to trust or what they are really doing so considering that it creates many different forms of comedy moments. I thought they both worked well together and being best friends was certainly something that was believable.

I am guessing that this film will get a lot of flak, but I for one throughly enjoyed it and laughed out loud on a few occasions from start to finish. The main characters of Morgan and Audrey were likeable and felt real enough, something that is important for the character development side. It also manages to poke fun at other spy films and that is always an enjoyable aspect. Very much adult humour with plenty of references to sex.

Plot wise I guess it is mainly predictable and tries to throw some twists and turns in it. Some of which are actually spoiled by the trailer which is always disappointing, I don’t get why you would want to spoil some of the plot. The shooting and death scenes are rather brutal which makes sense why it has been given a 15 rating in the UK.

6 thoughts on “The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) Review

  1. Great review – for some reason, Critics trashed it here in the States and audiences stayed away – too bad, because it’s a great cast, and glad it was funny! I assume it will be “discovered” once it shows up on home video!

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