The Festival (2018) Review


Nick thinks he is going to be with his University girlfriend well forever, but when she breaks up with him at Graduation his best mate Shane forces him to go to the music festival they had already bought tickets for, to take his mind off her.


While that all seems like a great idea when he bumps into Caitlin nearly straight away he is determined to win her back. The problem with Nick? He makes everything about Nick and that seems to influence how people actually feel about him. On the way to the festival they met a girl called Amy who was going solo, and you cannot help feel sorry for her as she just wants to make friends.

I have never wanted to go to a music festival like this and luckily managed to avoid it over the years, just not for me at all. I actually decided to go and see this film because in the trailer it looked as though the main character felt the same way I would. The mud, loads of people around and the annoyance of the pushing and craziness. I don’t think this film will actually help more people wanted to attend in all honesty. With the crazy drinking, drugs and no strings sex, it doesn’t really look very appealing at all.

Shane had one thing he really wanted to do over the weekend and that was to see Hammerhead a very popular DJ. Again not something that interests me, but something I thought was interesting to actually watch was why people actually love festivals. I felt that is something the film manages to put into it.

With Joe Thomas in the leading role this film has been dubbed another linked to the In-Betweeners, again something that I have never actually watched. So I will happily admit that I was not the target audience for this film but was more than willing to give it a shot. I did laugh a few times, and it went down pretty well in the cinema screening which was a lot busier than I expected it to be on a Sunday evening.

The main issue with the film though was that none of the characters were likeable and the stupid antics meant that I didn’t really care at all on the outcomes and how they were going to get away with things. Especially when you throw in the very messed up “binding”/wedding scene which was just crossing a very awful line. In terms of story it was so Shane and Amy had something over Brother David but it certainly is not something I want to see in films, if you have seen the film I hope you were as freaked out as I was!

I am pretty sure this will find an audience that thinks it is the funniest film of the year and they love everything about it. This would be interesting to compare whether people who love it actually love going to festivals as well? Hopefully some people will comment on this review to let me know. I was not the target audience, but I tried!

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