Christopher Robin (2018) Review


Christopher Robin is all grown up with a family of his own and focusing mainly on work, having had a tough life his childhood memories are long gone until Winnie-the-Pooh suddenly shows up in his life again and teaches him once more how important it is to have fun, play and enjoy life.


From the trailers I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this film, as it did look a little bit strange. But having now seen the whole film I actually think it works out very well. This must have taken note on the success of Paddington as it certainly goes in a similar direction in terms of comedy moments build into a well a nice story with some lovely moments.

I used to love Winnie-the-Pooh when I was a child and I think watching a film like this will take many of us back to those memories of watching that silly old bear and all of his friends. Getting to know the characters again, I guess we feel a little bit like Christopher Robin, which certainly works well for the storyline running throughout the film.

After he had left the Hundred Acre Wood as a boy who was being sent to boarding school, he would never return when grief hit his life and having to then sign up to the Army and be part of World War II, leaving his pregnant wife Evelyn behind. As more years pass she is beginning to worry about him as he hardly spends any time with her and their daughter Madeline. With plans to send her away to boarding school, something she does not want to do. But sometimes all it takes is a blast from the past to wake you up and realise you have become everything you didn’t want to become.

Ewan McGregor was the perfect choice for the adult Christopher Robin and the character development really is a joy to watch. That is something Disney does very well with its male characters who need as little bit of magic to help them have fun and smile again. I thought that was something interesting within the story that he never seemed to be happy no matter how much work he did and hit targets. I think that is an important message, we must have that balance with work and life. Bronte Carmichael was very impressive as Madeline and it will be brilliant to see what she goes on to do next. I am a big fan of Hayley Atwell and pleased to see her in this film as well.

Overall, I found myself really enjoying this nice film that creates some thought-provoking moments about happy childhood memories and friends. That you really should ensure you keep in touch with them as they will help you on those dark and tough days. Something I did find tough is this coming out so close to Goodbye, Christopher Robin and I found myself still thinking about that film unfortunately and with that not being great it might put people off seeing this one. But I really do think you should see this one which has those much loved characters back in new form, and similar to Paddington!

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