Double Jeopardy (1999) Review


Libby is a woman who has been framed for the murder of her husband, who she suspects is still alive after a phone call from prison. When she finds out about double jeopardy and that when she gets out she can kill him, as you cannot be prosecuted twice for the same crime . . . This drives her for six whole years in a bid to be reunited with her son Matty.


I’ve obviously thought this sounds like a decent film twice now, as it went on I was more convinced that I had already seen it. But I guess I didn’t review it the first time round, so here it now goes! I think this being my second viewing really tells that I enjoy the chase and how everything builds up. In all honesty though I didn’t really remember how it all panned out and only certain scenes seemed familiar so it must have been quite a long time ago now.

Anyway Libby seems to have a great marriage with Nick until one night they are sailing on their boat and she wakes covered in blood, but with no sign of Nick. The evidence is totally against her and no one will believe she is innocent. Obviously she knows she did not do it, but what comes about is much more sinister than she could have ever imagined. Being found guilty and having her son Matty taken away was the most brutal thing to happen to her. Then she doesn’t see him for a while but manages to track down the woman who has been caring for him, as it turns out Nick is alive. But with no chance of an appeal, she had to just ride out her sentence.

On her release six years later she is on parole and put with Travis as her parole officer. He does not believe anything she has been saying, but when events unfold he actually becomes the good guy. Watching we cannot help but wonder how Nick was getting away with it and how he has now started a new life with a new name and no one has any idea of his past or what he is capable of. The tension is built up at a good pace and we cannot help but want Libby to get everything from the situation.

Ashley Judd is impressive in the leading role and works well with the ever impressive Tommy Lee Jones when their scenes start. She is very believable as the hard done by mother who wants nothing more than to be reunited with her son. Stopping at nothing to do just that and something we see in her escape methods to try to track down Nick and be with Matty again.

I think this is a typical 90s style crime/drama and you know what to expect with it really. Nothing outstanding or spectacular but something to entertain you and keep you guessing with a few twist and turns, along with some good performances.

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