The Meg (2018) Review


When an attack is made on a submarine which has dived deep into the ocean. Only one man can save them, that being Jonas. I guess it helps that his ex-wife Lori is one of the people trapped! He had been called crazy for claiming a 70 foot shark existed. Everyone is really going to wish he had been wrong when an opening is left and it is free to attack them and any other people in the water.


Easily my favourite moment was hearing Jason Statham singing just keep swimming, which we all know and love from Finding Nemo! Seriously that alone is worth going to see the film for! I felt as though that had to be mentioned as early as possible within this review as it was certainly the part that made me smile the most.

You certainly do not head into this type of film expecting truly outstanding acting or incredible dialogue. You know what to expect and with Jason Statham in the driving seat we all just knew it would be a crazy ride. Enough it for what it is and nothing more. A shark film, I will admit it takes a pretty long time before we even get to see it.

Jonas Taylor was deemed crazy and not well liked for leaving people behind on a previous mission. But when everything is against the scientists who have been trying to find the true bottom of the ocean goes wrong he is called back in to save the day. Striking up a possible romance with Suyin, and creating a friendship with her eight year old daughter Meiying.

The film does manage to have a mixture of comedy in with the action and suspense of the shark attacking in different areas and that works so well with Statham who we have not seen the best of for quite a long time really. I feel he is back to his best in this one, as long as you head into this not expecting too much. Did we actually get to see enough of the shark though? I think that will be one of the biggest talking points as we do go through quite a lot of time without any sightings. How many sharks appear as well?

I thought it also produced some nice moments from characters sacrificing themselves for friends and that certainly does show very good human nature. It makes you wonder what you would do in a situation when faced with a shark. Personally I would not be in the water to begin with, not really my favourite pastime swimming. The film does pay a little bit of homage to Jaws and I thought that was a nice touch in all honesty, as you cannot watch a shark film without comparing it to the first Jaws at the very least. This was the summer action blockbuster that we were waiting for. Mindless fun that should be seen on the big screen, I even went for the DBox 3D upgrade just because I thought it would add to the suspense and it surely did that. It was actually decent 3D!

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