King Cobra (2016) Review


A film looking at the start of the career of gay porn star Brent Corrigan and the issues that are faced when he attempts to get away from producer Stephen who has a thing for the young men he films and has living in his house.


Believe it or not this film is based on a crazy true story where the death of a gay porn producer is committed by two up and coming producers and porn stars who want to make more money by getting Brent Corrigan on their films. Brent whose real name was Sean Paul Lockhart wanted to get into the world of gay porn but doesn’t pick a very good producer in Stephen as he leaves home lying to his mother. Something Stephen didn’t know was that Brent was only 17 years old in the first few films and therefore underage, which causes them both problems when he tells the truth and goes to the police.

It gives a very strange and horrible look into the gay porn industry although maybe things have changed from these events happening? But I personally feel as though the actors who signed up for this film did so they could shock audiences, with the gay sex scenes. That is just my personal opinion of course but the film is really not great at all and seems to move from those sex/porn moments which are pretty graphic for a mainstream film. I just felt with that the actual story and issues were lost along the way, the character development was very poor and I can understand why the real Sean/Brent is not happy with the way he is portrayed in the film.

I am sure you are wondering why I decided to watch a film on this subject matter and I have to admit I added this to my list on Netflix because of Christian Slater and seeing him on stage back in January. No other reason just that, but I am now regretting not paying more attention to the poor ratings and reviews which I can fully understand and pretty much agree with. I cannot really think of anything positive from this film as the performances were nothing special at all. As I mentioned earlier all taking a risk to try to show that they are not bothered on the type of role they take on. I especially think that was true for Garrett Clayton who was trying to get way from his earlier career and showing that he is not afraid to step into this type of world and film.

Basically if you spot this one on Netflix make sure you decide to watch something else instead. Although the true story is just absolutely crazy that making porn videos is so competitive that you are willing to murder someone in cold blood. It did make me read up and around the story in the film afterwards, but that is a standard thing when you know something is based on a true story.

2 thoughts on “King Cobra (2016) Review

  1. Hmm interesting. I’ve seen a couple of documentaries about the real dark side of the porn industry so this is quite interesting. I hadn’t heard about it before. And just like you, I’d be inclined to watch this just because of Christian Slater! Shame it sounds like it doesn’t have the wow factor though.

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