Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) Review


Scott Lang is paying the price for his part in Germany and is placed under house arrest for two years. He is struggling to come to terms with his Super Hero role and balancing being a good father. When something strange happens in a dream he must reconnect with Dr. Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne and help them uncover secrets from the past.


One of the biggest surprise packages from Marvel came with Ant-Man and therefore I was really looking forward to seeing this film, everything in the first one was fresh and in Scott Lang we had a character that we wanted to see succeed. Getting a second helping of him in this film with the Wasp being added as another hero was also going to be a good thing. I can quickly say that it certainly was and I throughly enjoyed the film.

Combining a mixture of linking in with the rest of the Marvel Universe but also opening it up even wider with the sub-atomic quantum realm where Janet van Dyne has been trapped for over 30 years when she shrunk extremely small in order to save everyone. Hank assumed she was dead, but could not quite accept that pouring a lot of time over the years into research behind this and the possibility she could have survived. This takes up the main story in the film trying to get into the quantum realm and getting her location.

Ant-Man and the Wasp were not really seen together in very many scenes but when they were it really was fantastic to watch, we get some very good and interesting fight scenes with the ability to shrink and grow objects as well as themselves. Again a similar thing with the car chase scenes which really did look very good from start to finish and this was an impressive part of the film. The only problem for Hank was that others had heard about his lab and wanted it, we had plenty of chases and the lab changing hands. Throw in a Ghost also known as Ava to really push the boundaries of the different realms. I feel this was on a similar par to Dr Strange, showing that a lot more can happen than meets the eye.

Scott only has a couple of days left before he will be free from his house arrest and this is something that is put into jeopardy due to him wanting to help Hope and Hank. Make it up to them for his antics with Captain America. This does create for some rather funny moments and I do feel as though the level of comedy in this film is very high, I found myself laughing many times which was a nice bonus and I felt on level with Thor: Raganrok for fun value. Marvel firmly have me back on side! The film answers some questions from Avengers: Infinity War and make sure you stay for the end credit scene as it is important!

Paul Rudd really was the perfect choice for Ant-Man and brings such charisma and attitude to the role which is just great. I cannot wait to see him in more of the Marvel films, well hopefully anyway! Michael Douglas being in this type of film is something that also makes me very happy, he has great chemistry with Rudd! Evangeline Lilly is another positive female character and very kick ass as the Wasp, hope we also get to see more of this as her role throughout this film was very promising. A lot of fun and worthy of a cinema visit, now we eventually have it released in the UK!

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