Soldiers of Fortune (2012) Review


Very wealthy thrill seekers pay for the opportunity to experience to have themselves involved in military war games. Led by ex-soldier Craig McKenzie everything doesn’t go to plan when they are actually placed in an active war zone.


Craig McKenzie is brought into working for the company behind the idea because of the involvement of Carter Mason. The pair had some unfinished business. When the wealthy men enlist to be part of this, they must be trained up and that is something they were not expecting. They are put through some tough training regimes, one with a broken leg. Surely this makes it look like being s soldier is pretty easy considering the training doesn’t really last very long?

Although with what the film was about I really should not have been expecting anything spectacular or what would feel anything like real life. It is a bit of a crazy idea anyway and that doesn’t really make it fully watchable. I think the cast choices were what actually made me decide on watching it with Christian Slater leading it all. Then which Lord of the Rings fan could resist two members of the fellowship in the same film again, those being Sean Bean and Dominic Monaghan. None of those were enough to save this film though and it feels like it drags out even with the pretty short running time.

I guess this is something you could imagine wealthy and rich men paying for, as the wall street member of the gang states he was doing it for bragging rights. Isn’t that something we could all expect someone to actually do now. To post a photo on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. Mobile phones were an issue when they were attempting to train and then ended up being attacked as they were heading to the base camp, as part of the experience.

Fully aware that I am not really selling this film to you, but it’s a tough one to find positives with in all honesty as I cannot really think of anything good to say about it? I am guessing not many people would have watched this one, if it sounds like something that interested you though it is currently on Netflix UK. I do always enjoy Christian Slater mind, he has made a lot of very different films and varies his roles out. So if you are a fan of his you might still want to tick it off the seen list, I am going to say that’s what I have done with watching this film.

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