Young Frankenstein the Musical (West End) Review



Frederick Frankenstein – Hadley Fraser
Frau Blucher – Lesley Joseph
Igor – Aron Wild
Elizabeth Benning – Dianne Pilkington
Inga – Summer Strallen
Inspector Kemp/Hermit – Patrick Clancy
The Monster – Nathan Elwick

Venue: Garrick Theatre

Date: Wednesday 1st August 2018 (2:30pm)


This was the sixth time of having the pleasure of seeing Young Frankenstein in less than a year. I loved it so much on its debut in Newcastle that I went back two more times before it transferred to the West End. I have seen been lucky enough to catch it three times, back in October and then January then last week. It was pretty lucky that I managed to see it which was pretty much because Brief Encounter closed early so I had the chance to get a ticket for a matinée. Which I managed to get a day seat so was in the second row right in the centre, which was even more fantastic (I got to the stage door for 9:40am and only two other people were there, they were getting evening tickets anyway).

Young Frankenstein the Musical at the Garrick Theatre
Row BB seat 5

I haven’t seen it since Ross Noble left the production in February, so it was going to be a new actor on as Igor. I had the pleasure of seeing Aron Wild in the role and he was outstanding, honestly I was so impressed with his stamp on the iconic role. Working brilliantly with Hadley Fraser, I just love “Together Again” it really is such a great musical theatre song and dance moment. An amazing performance and nice to see unfold over the duration of the show.

Another performer I got to see in a different role was Nathan Elwick on as The Monster, something I am so pleased that I got to see. So across six shows I have seen three different monsters. Something that I just love about the theatre that you can see different actors do something a little different with the role. After seeing photos and videos via twitter I was therefore pleased to see Nathan Elwick own the stage as a very huge and brilliant monster!

The show was as outstanding as ever, I really didn’t expect anything less in all honesty. I felt I needed to put together another review just to gush about how much I love it to be brutally honest, I love the show, I love the cast and I love how happy the songs, dances and one liners make me feel. I think it is very rare to find something that you just have a full on ‘deep love’ for, that song is very appropriate to sum up how I feel for this show. I am so disappointed it is closing on the 25th of August and that I cannot be there (expensive! someone help? haha).

I adore everything about Lesley Joseph, Hadley Fraser, Dianne Pilkington and Summer Strallen, I will be closely following them to see what shows they do next and will be straight down to London to support future projects! As I am sure they will all be fantastic in whatever they go on to do next. I also feel Patrick Clancy is very under appreciated for his double role and the Blind Man and Inspector, something I have enjoyed each and every time!

The songs are all just so happy and amusing from start to finish, something that I need to listen to over and over again. Hopefully the cast recording we had been promised will make an appearance? It’s late, but maybe one day it will just appear online? We need it, on behalf of all the #Fansylvanians!

If you are in or around London and have not seen this show yet, I demand you do that before it closes, you only have a few weeks left! Check out the website here for ticket details and more information. 

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