Something’s Gotta Give (2003) Review


Erica Berry a playwright is content with her life and focusing more on herself after a twenty year marriage. That is all about to change when her daughter is dating Harry Sanborn, when he has a heart attack they connect in a way they didn’t think was possible.


I have lost count how many times I have seen this film over the years, it really is counted as one of my absolute guilty pleasures. It has the perfect combination of Nancy Meyers, Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. A very good addition to the Romantic Comedy genre and something that we don’t see done in this way very often now. Jack Nicholson taking on a role that probably isn’t too far away from his own life with the much younger women. Throw in Keanu Reeves as Julian Mercer a Doctor who just so happens to be a fan of Erica’s work!

The film has such a lovely charm from start to finish and that is something that really does make it such a watchable one. It let’s you know that you can still find love at different ages and stages in your life, also when you least expect it. You can still change someone when the love is that deep. Heartbreak is possible as well though and that gives Keaton a chance to have one of her breakdowns and crying hysterically, it wasn’t all bad though as it helps her write and come up with a new play! Harry on the other hand must eventually come to terms with that he will always be alone and think about the way he has treated women over the years.

In terms of character development this film certainly has plenty of that and it makes it even better to watch. Plenty of different types of love and lust are shown with characters spanning different age groups and years. Again something I throughly enjoy about the film. It has plenty of memorable quotes and a discussion about versions of the truth is one of my favourites to show the difference in mentally between men and women. Nancy Meyers always manages to capture a brilliant story and brings out the best in the actors in the films.

Something the film could have done more with was having Frances McDormand in it more often, as lets face it she is a brilliant actress and her small role shows she can do anything. Jon Favreau could have been used more as well, I think having these in it more would have made it even better. I am a big fan of this film though, I know a lot of people won’t be but it is just one of those that I have always enjoyed and after another viewing it is confirmed that I still do enjoy it.

Jack Nicholson is one of my favourite actors and I loved seeing him turn on the charm in this film, it is brilliant to watch him in this type of role and it shows off his comedic timing in the best way possible.

2 thoughts on “Something’s Gotta Give (2003) Review

  1. A terrific film – Keanu Reeves underplays his part so well that he becomes the one we root for the most – although the Jack / Diane interplay is a joy to watch…we routinely watch this as well and love it every time…and how can you knock any film that embraces the love of Paris the way this does!

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