SpiceUp London: The Spice Girls Exhibition


When I found out that a huge Spice Girls exhibition was going to be happening when I was already going to be in London I jumped at the chance to get tickets. Why not a nice throwback to the 90s and how different everything was back then, but also to actually remember just how huge The Spice Girls really were and the legacy they left behind with the rise of Girl Power!

The best thing about the exhibition had to be seeing all of the merchandise and being reminded just how many different things I used to own as well. The thing that amused me the most was those blow up small doll things, I don’t even know what they are exactly but I had them!

Walking around the different items, set up in order of the singles released for different music videos as the clothes worn were on display. As well as the different single and album covers. It really was such an amazing walk down memory lane as many different songs were played!

Not forgetting a cinema style room with a screen and Spice World (the film just incase anyone cannot remember it) being played! I am assuming it would just be put on repeat for people to enjoy over and over again.

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I probably didn’t give myself enough time to properly look at everything but it was set up in a brilliant way meaning you could just walk around and look at everything on display. It wasn’t very busy at all when I went in and easy to find from Angel tube station, a couple of minutes walk.

The Spice Girls were groundbreaking and demanded Girl Power which I personally think was a great message, I loved it. Each Spice Girl had a nickname, Baby, Sporty, Scary, Ginger and Posh. I think that was a very unique way of being able to appeal to so many different girls and women of different ages as well. Maybe one day you are feeling more sporty but the next a little bit posh. It certainly worked as a great way of marketing them as a band.

It also had special sections for what each of them have done after The Spice Girls, with many things from singles attempts and other projects they have been part of over the years. So it really was a truly outstanding collection of everything to do with The Spice Girls, I am sure they couldn’t have found anything else to squeeze in as part of it all.

SpiceUp London 28th July –  20th August 2018

SpiceUp Manchester 24th August – 4th September 2018

For ticket information for both London and Manchester check out the website here! 

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