LEGO: Harry Potter Characters

Brand new releases from Lego so with being in London I queued to get in the Lego shop and decided to buy a few. I had started by trying to see if I could work out who Dumbledore was . . . But after a few minutes I decided to just go full on pot luck and picked four different packets.


So basically I cannot resist anything film related it seems! I will admit though it was pretty nice to have the surprise of opening the packets to see which characters I got! First up and the one I opened was Ron Weasley.



Next up, I got what I wanted and it was Albus Dumbledore . . .

Lego Dumbledore

The Dark Lord, he who shall not be named was in the third packet, that’s right Voldemort!

Lego VoldI was starting to think that with this great luck that Harry Potter himself was going to be in the fourth and final packet. That was not meant to be though as it turned out to be Filius Flitwick.

Lego Filius Flitwick

A nice little collection the detail in each character is very impressive as you can see!

Lego Harry Potter Characters

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