Just My Luck (2006) Review


Ashley is known to her friends as the luckiest woman around as everything she touches seems to work out in her favour. That is until she meets the unluckiest man going in Jake, when their fortunes swap after a kiss they must decide what to do next.

Sometimes you just need to watch a film like this, doesn’t require full attention or thought. It tries hard to be an endearing romance but at the end of the day we all know it’s just another rom-com that falls to capture anything remotely real. I do believe the fact Chris Pine was in a lead role was the main reason I decide to watch it. I had no idea this had McFly in it and as a huge part of the story, I was never a fan of them so wouldn’t have rushed to see this at the time.

Jake wants to make McFly work but his luck is constantly bad. Like all of the time bad not just a moment or two, each moment of his whole day. Which is a shame really as he seems like such a nice guy who helps out his younger cousin a lot and means well.

Ashley is self-centred and everything in her life works out for her. Every single second. She gets everything she wants when she wants it and more. Not a likeable character at all, so the change of luck is rather satisfying when it means everything goes wrong for her. Maybe that is partly because Lindsay Logan is in the role and she seemed to get a lot of these spoilt brat films? I’m not sure but this character had a lot to learn. The moment she figures it out though she is quick to spoil everything for him.

At the end of the day though anything about luck swapping from person to person is a bit silly really. Surely in life we have to create our own luck and make things right for ourselves? I guess hard work comes into that as well, something Jake had tried to do and Ashley well everything was too easy.

Both characters had a lot to learn and the development was decent I guess. But when the film overall was pretty poor I guess it didn’t really matter. Must have been a brilliant move for McFly though to be part of a film like this and possibly finding them another audience.

Performance wise it was pretty much as expected from Lohan and Pine. The latter obviously going from strength to strength still now getting many different roles. A big issue if you can only play one type of character, which is how Lohan was typecast that is for sure.

If you haven’t seen this film you really aren’t missing out on anything. As I mentioned at the start of the review at times though you do just find yourself needing to watch a mindless rom-com baring in mind this one is now 12 years old, it’s back in the time when they were a true struggle.


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