Anastasia (1997) Review


The story of Anastasia being the only surviving child of the Russian Royal family, but she has no idea on her past. Two con men are trying to find the girl and believe Ana really could be the one to try to get the reward from her Grandmother the Dowager Empress. But Rasputin wants her dead, the quest to get to Paris was never going to be easy.


Somehow this was the first time that I have seen this film, I am not really sure how it has slipped past me all of these years in all honesty. Especially considering Angela Lansbury and Meg Ryan are two of the actors used for the voices of the characters. Throw in John Cusack, Christopher Lloyd, Kelsey Grammer, Hank Azaria and Bernadette Peters and we have some cast for this animation from Disney.

I am going to say that this film is not the most memorable when it comes to the Disney films from the 80s and 90s and don’t really feel I have missed out very much by never actually seeing it before. It is just weak overall really, the songs not anything special as I cannot remember them now none of them actually stuck with me and made me think wow that is impressive. A lot of that has to do with the bad guy as when you think of the truly great Disney films they have a great bad guy who usually has an epic songs which is what sticks with you and makes it a much more interesting film and the story to go along with it all.

The two con men scheming Russians have been searching for a girl for years to pass off as Anastasia but they don’t realise they have in fact stumbled upon the real girl. She has found herself searching for the truth in her past and feels that Paris is somewhere that she just has to go to. The curse placed on the family and as she is escaping with her grandmother Anastasia falls and bumps her head leading to her not being able to remember anything. But over the years some small parts of the memories come back and she is trying to figure out who she really is. This one just wasn’t really for me to be brutally honest, maybe I would have felt differently if I had seen it closer to the release. Thoughts on this Disney film?

8 thoughts on “Anastasia (1997) Review

  1. Fun fact! This technically only became a Disney film recently. It was originally produced and released by Fox Animation Studios – who Disney bought a few years ago. I love this film so much – Once upon a December is my jam haha – great article! x

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  2. Just to let you know, this isn’t a Disney film. It was a Don Bluth film produced by Fox (I think?), but it’s not Disney. I mean technically, Disney owns the rights to it now due to the purchase of Fox, but it’s still a Don Bluth film that tried to capitalize on making a somewhat Disney-esque film.

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  3. I couldn’t bring myself to watch this as it perpetuates a hoax. She wasn’t who she claimed to be and remaining DNA after her death matched the family to whom is was suspected she belonged. This was even before some of the bodies were found. She was also disproved before the film came out.

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