Tangled (2010) Review


Rapunzel has spent her entire life locked up in a tower and she is not fully aware why, her Mother tells her that everything is evil outside of it and she is much safer to stay. But when a runaway thief stumbles upon her in the tower she eventually gets the courage to leave and see for herself, does mother really know best?


I am going to get this out early and say I absolutely love everything about this film and I firmly believe this was the start of some big changes for Disney but due to the success of Frozen three years after this I feel Tangled does not get anywhere near the credit it deserves for being so groundbreaking and unique. The songs are fantastic and I really think ‘Mother Knows Best’ could easily fit into an incredible music and be the scene stealing musical number. But the slightly different telling of Rapunzel, the tower and her very special hair is a fantastic film.

Gothel steals Rapunzel when she is a baby from her life of being a Princess due to the magic from a flower she had been using to stay young being taken away to help the dying Queen. This gave her a stronger and new life, meaning when the Royal couple had a baby she had the magic inside her, or at least in her lovely blonde hair. Gothel would stop at nothing and takes the baby, leading to constant searches and setting off lanterns each year on her birthday hoping the Princess would one day be found and return. Locked in the tower her past was well and truly kept from her finding out. She believes Gothel is her mother and only wants the best for her.

Flynn Rider is about to change everything for Rapunzel and while we do get a love story, it is not the same as we have had from Disney in the past. With the whole damsel in distress and everything like that, she is independent and can take care of herself which I think is a very important message to be brutally honest. She does not need a man to do everything for her she is more than capable of making sure everything works out. From that they do have a love blossom and I think it works out in a very nice way.

Donna Murphy is a famous Broadway star and I think we can tell that from the ‘Mother Knows Best’ number, I do realise that I have mentioned this again but honestly it is such an amazing performance even through an animated character! One of the very best from Disney I personally believe, it has the perfect mix of humour and moments where they actually poke fun at how the films used to be for certain parts of the story.

I do feel this film has gotten a little lost along the way and really should be talked about a lot more often, parts of it are much better than Frozen (I do love that as well) but this really did start the new era and new trends for Disney in such a great way as well. I have found myself watching this quite a few times now and I am more than happy to admit that.

7 thoughts on “Tangled (2010) Review

  1. I loved this movie. I thought it was far and away better than so many Disney Princess movies. I’ve also read a lot of versions of this story and I think this was a great variation on the story. I also agree that Frozen overshadows it. I do like frozen, because the love of family plays a larger part than a ‘romance’ and the way the sisters save each other without ‘needing’ the help of men is a good message. But I do think it unfairly cast a shadow over Tangled.

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