Searching (2018) Review


David Kim must use computers and smart phones to help the case for his missing daughter Margot and find out what he really knew about her. Sometimes the real person and the online persona really do not match up at all . . .


Product placement is a huge thing in film and television now so much so that companies pay for their products to be used. I wonder how much money was placed into this film as we journey through the computer phase starting with window and then the change over to Apple with Mac. I found that all quite scary really considering I have made the same changes over the years.

We get to watch the Kim family from photos and videos that are saved on the family computer to get an insight into the family life and how they are all very close. But having to deal with the death of a wife and mother was never going to be easy for David and Margot to deal with and it seems this has therefore pushed them apart. When she goes missing one evening David must use everything possible on the computer and social media websites to try to find out information about his daughter that he really thought he knew a lot better. The issue with this though that he never actually thought anything of her disappearing until 24 hours later.

I found the initial searches and panic from David to be very well done in terms of wondering how different people are on social media to in real life, now how many people actually know the real you? The film shows a very interesting perception of this and how sucked in you can become with it all. Some developments in the film so that as well, from people who actually stated they did not know Margot very well at all suddenly making videos and Facebook posts. The fake nature of social media is highlighted in this film and I think that is something that everyone should be aware of. You can change yourself online and become someone you would want to be more like.

Detective Rosemary Vick is involved with the case and actually allows David to get too involved really. He shouldn’t be getting as involved as he does but I guess the power of a computer really could be useful so quickly. It also showed how simple it was for people to reset passwords on your accounts if they have the chance to sign into so many of them all at once. The suspense built up in the film was very impressive and at times you have to remind yourself that it is all through cameras.

This is now the second film I have seen in this format, Unfriended was the first and I am sure we will see a lot more considering how much time everyone spends online. It creates that current vibe and how real it all feels watching things unfold. I was pretty impressed with the storyline in all honesty as it takes many twists and turns that I am not going to spoil. It went a lot deeper than I expected and explores many different issues and possibilities. All of which can easily be used to help raise awareness of your online profile and some of the awful things that could happen. We don’t really get any of the good things that can come of it, but that would have been a rather boring film. This was thought-provoking and tense throughout John Cho was very impressive from start to finish!

Pleased to have had the chance to get this preview 4-5 weeks before the full UK release on 31st August 2018, thanks to the Cineworld Unlimited Card holders preview.

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