The One Where We Went To #FriendsFest in Newcastle!


I couldn’t have been anymore excited about eventually heading to #FriendsFest after having the tickets booked as soon as they went on sale. This was the first time the Comedy Central UK tour of everyone’s favourites friends was coming to Newcastle and I certainly could not miss out! I thought it was essential to put together this blog post to celebrate Friends, show off the incredible photos we had taken and a truly fantastic day spent with one of my childhood friends and naturally a fellow Friends fan and geek!


Seriously though if you head to this event and you are not a fan of Friends and haven’t seen very many of the episodes then I truly feel sorry for, but if you are a huge fan and seen each episode at least 100 hundred times each (actually it’s probably a lot more than that for me) then you will have the most fantastic afternoon/evening depending on the time you go!

It was all super organised and took seconds to get inside as they scan your entry ticket and the set tour ticket. (Not forgetting the bag check which was in operation). The set tour you have to pick a time slot when you book so they can limit the number of people taking a look around the apartments (and taking plenty of photos) so everything really flowed very well throughout.


This scene had been voted the Nations favourite in a Comedy Central poll last year and with very good reason, it is downright hilarious and you get to recreate the scene. We decided to do it twice so we could swap positions. As you can see I had my very special t-shirt for these photos!

Friends inspired Cocktails!

It was too exciting when we first went in and we could not decide what to do first, that was I guess a pretty simple thing and getting a cocktail! Quite on the pricey side but we just had one each! It had to be done really!

When doing the set tour you get to look around and pick anything up and sit on things (that are meant to be sat on) and take as many photos as you could possibly want to. Not forgetting that looking at the apartment’s you get to take an empty one to get an amazing shot as well.

Monica and Rachel’s Apartment

So many amazing moments happen in this apartment and the binoculars are on the side to try to search for ugly naked guy out of the window. Look at the phone that Phoebe was using to try and fix her broken phone and put on hold for hours and hours. We hung-out on the sofa and at the table having a coffee of course!

Joey and Chandler’s Apartment

No sign of the Chick and the Duck but we did manage to find pretty much everything that goes on in Joey and Chandler’s. We personally think Joey was still locked up in the entertainment unit with that hockey stick stopping him from getting out! Fussball had to be played and a sit in the boat. Not forgetting the dog and recreating that scene when Ross and Joey fell asleep on the sofa together!

Ross’ Apartment

This is brand new to FriendsFest for 2018 so I think that was pretty cool getting to look around Ross’ apartment and remember as Monica said you just pick up any loose change that you see lying around! It was the small details with the photos and VHS tapes of 90s films that made it feel more real. We copied Phoebe and put our feet up on that apothecary table!

The opening titles (Umbrella’s)

The pressure to decide on the two poses for this one was pretty intense but it was such a fun thing to do, although we did think that with a few more people it could have been changed more like the opening title for the show. But I personally love these two photos a lot!

Central Perk

Now this is a cool part of it all, as you have the window and lovely sign and you can go in two different ways. One side is the counter and then the Phoebe tribute singer that is on throughout the day. The other side is an actual coffee shop were you can get a real cup of coffee. Sitting on that iconic sofa was certainly a big thrill!

Dressing up!

Another part where tough choices had to be made with the different outfits you could choice and the quote signs to hold up! The other options were the Prom dresses from the flashback episodes along with wigs to go with it. The very famous turkey head dance scene with Monica apologising to Chandler and that cheerleader outfit that Rachel made a fool of herself for Joshua and her jealously of Emily.

Vegas Wedding/ The One with all the Wedding Dresses!

This part was set up as the Vegas wedding chapel where Ross and Rachel got married, but I also decided with the wedding dresses it could double up as the one with all the wedding dresses when the girls are sitting drinking beer in the apartment.

Joey’s Pizza

The food places were all friends themed too and we just had to get some Pizza. The Joey special with two pieces together was not tried but maybe next time! It was amazing pizza I must add. The other options included hot dogs and the famous meatball sub sandwich. A vegetarian/vegan linked for Phoebe as well as an ice cream van which also served Cheesecake.

Merchandise and Props!

I thought the gift shop would have a lot more to offer but it didn’t have a huge amount. I still managed to buy a fridge magnet and a bag which I will probably never use but it is very cool! The props were on display before you head around the apartments as part of the set tour. So we get that famous turkey head with glasses on, the bracelet from a very early episode when Joey is trying to show Chandler how much the friendship means to him. The cheesecake box which is delivered to the wrong apartment and shows some bonding time for Rachel and Chandler. The Gellar Cup! Which is from one of my all time favourite episodes the one with all the football. Remember when Phoebe was a porn star? That VHS tape is there too!

The Big Screen/Stage

Throughout the day many different clips from all of the episodes are shown on the big screen, with plenty of seats so you can sit and watch them. Also on stage you get the Phoebe tribute with the songs and encouraging everyone to sing along and get involved.

It really was a truly epic and happy day with so many Friends fans altogether, everyone was buzzing and appreciating one of our favourite shows. It really is such a great tribute and keeping it all alive and going so many years not only after it first aired but when the final episode was broadcast back in 2004. Yes, seriously it finished 14 years ago! Which was actually longer than the 10 years it was on TV. I still love everything about it and #FriendsFest was everything I could have hoped for and more. If it is coming to a city near you over the summer you must go!


9 thoughts on “The One Where We Went To #FriendsFest in Newcastle!

  1. How awesome. I have just two days ago put series 1 in my DVD to watch all over again. I love Friends. A couple of years ago they had Central Perk here in Australia but none of the other perks. Looks like you had a wonderful day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It really was a fantastic afternoon! I have the whole series box set on Blu ray but never actually watched them from that. We have Friends on Netflix in the UK it was added on 1st Jan this year.

      Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah it’s still on all the time in the UK on Comedy Central who started off this FriendsFest idea, I’ve just been searching for more blog posts about it and it seems some of the sets and moments have changed over the years.

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