The First Purge (2018) Review


Taking a look back at what was known as the experiment when it came to the very first purge night on Staten Island. With the rise of a third political party in New Founding Fathers of America and they wanted to show they could make some severe changes.


Everything wasn’t as it first seemed for the New Founding Fathers of America in their quest to change America. So the experiment of the very first purge was that for 12 hours you did not have to follow any of the laws. The people did not have to stay during the experiment but if they did stay and survive they would get $5000 for doing so. The fact that they did this in such poor neighbourhoods made people want to stay for the money.

I actually found the build up to the purge experiment happening more interesting than the actual scenes once it all started. The psychological assessments of the people who wanted to take part and that they were given the special contact lenses so they could be watched all the time with what they were doing. If they were taking part in purging. Whilst this was happening we kept getting shown back to the base with Dr Updale and Arlo Sabian who had come up with the idea for the NFFA, although Sabian’s idea for it had very different motives for how he wanted America to go.

In terms of being part of the series I think it was a good idea to go back to the very first purge as we have seen many different things that happen on purge night but not much back story on how it all started. The way they were predicting that people would all join in and start killing each other was pretty scary in all honesty. As it makes you wonder what would actually happen if a 12 hour purge once a year existed. The thing is though Dmitri who seemed to rule everything around Staten Island with his gang did not want to take part but he ended up having to stand his ground for his turf.

Everything took a twist and turn when white gangs ended up turning up, where did they suddenly come from? Although it was pretty obvious who was behind all of this it was pretty awful that it turned into a blood bath for anyone that stayed on the island thinking they could just wait it out inside their homes. That would not keep you save.

Our two main characters turned out to be Nya and Isaiah who are sister and brother. Nya taking place in the church and trying to keep as many people save as possible. With her younger brother Isaiah lying that he was in Brooklyn until he was in trouble ans she had to try to save him. He lost face on the street with the utterly psycho Skeletor who really was very creepy indeed! I guess it shows that some people are pushed in different directions and the chance to purge might just become too great for some.

It was a pretty weak instalment and I don’t really see where they can go next with this franchise, so quite possibly the last we will see from the purge?

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