Trade your cinema snacks for new Cadbury Dairy Milk . . .

Who doesn’t love Cadbury Dairy Milk? It’s fantastic chocolate and now you have a chance to invent your very own bar, think about the current flavours already on offer Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel, Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut and Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut. You can now see if you can do better and add a new addition to the Cadbury Dairy Milk Range! 

With over 90,000 combinations of ingredients to choose from, from melt in the mouth caramel, gooey brownie, crazy popping candy, spicy chilli, tangy orange, fiery mustard, crunchy cashews, competition entrants will be able to submit up to three of their favourite flavours for the chance to be one of three finalists whose creations will be sold in stores and put to a nationwide vote next year. The winning bar will become the latest and most exciting addition to the iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk range as a limited edition bar.


One of the top snacks to have at the cinema is popcorn and the big debate is sweet or salty? So for my chocolate bar I have added in pretzels to give it that salty taste as well as the sweet popcorn. 


My local cinema has Starbucks which means you can grab a coffee to take in with you and my favourite has caramel in, so a chocolate bar with both of those ingredients would certainly be a much cheaper option! 


If you are after a fizzy drink why not a cherry cola flavour, which I think would make a much better bar of chocolate! 


The ice cream stand has become very common within cinemas now so we would certainly need an option of having that in a chocolate bar, so ice cream with Oreos because that is the best, and topped with sprinkles. I would just love to have that as a chocolate bar instead! 


What if you just really cannot decide which sweets to get from the pick n mix? Well just pick up this bar of chocolate as well with sweets in it! 


Quite possibly the most ambitious and slightly off the wall option would be replacing the hot dog. So for the new improved hot dog, replacing that with chocolate but still having the tomato and mustard in it! 

For more information check out the Facebook page: 

What do you think of these possible cinema Cadbury Dairy Milk treats? 

Think you can do better and create your own bar? Well head over to and submit your very own entry! 


SPONSORED by Cadbury!

6 thoughts on “Trade your cinema snacks for new Cadbury Dairy Milk . . .

    • In all honesty when I was first asked to put a post together. I thought it was Cadbury allowing you to make and order the chocolate bars instead of a competition. They should do that have shops like m and m world!

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