Set It Up (2018) Review


When two overworked assistants to corporate workers meet each other they come up with a plan to play matchmakers and set up their two bosses so they can have a better life.

Harper works for Kirsten in a sports world and she dreams of being a writer so actually loves working for her. Or at least the idea of working for her, considering she is pretty much on call 24/7. It was all getting a little bit too much for her especially when her best friend gets engaged. Charlie works for Rick and as his assistant pretty much does everything for him, even having better relationships with those closest to him. He also has a younger model girlfriend who is actually not a good match for him at all.

Something I actually enjoyed about this film was that it wasn’t as obvious as it first seemed to be. I mean don’t get me wrong the ending you could guess straight away, but some of the parts in-between had a lot more heart and substance than I ever expected in this type of film. It certainly is one of the better Netflix original films I have watched this year. I will admit that having Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu in it certainly made it stand out to me. But a very promising thing about this film is that Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell carry it all off very well in an impressive manner.

I absolutely loved the pizza scene and that pretty much sums up how I feel about pizza and I am sure I would do the same no matter the price of it. When I decide I want pizza I make sure I get it, so certainly something I have in common with Harper! I realise that this reference will seem extremely strange to those who have not watched the film but it is one of those moments where I could see myself actually being in.

Another good thing about a film set in New York City has to be the amazing skyline shots that we get and this was no different for those. We are constantly reminded that everything is taking place in NYC. The character development was pretty good in the short running time of the film and seeing how quickly people really can change. But also how some people will not change no matter what opportunities are thrown towards them. You just hope that people will do the right thing in the end.

I think something to be said for this film was that I actually found myself totally into it and wanted to see Charlie and Harper be happy, considering the amount of time they spent working trying to get themselves into a better position. Isn’t that what we all strive for in professional careers and working life? I certainly think so, but would you try and play matchmaker for your boss to do that? I guess that is totally a different issue and question. I guess this film shows that love, relationship or even just sex can be so powerful and really change people.


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