Patrick (2018) Review


When her Grandmother sadly passes away when some of her wishes are read out before the will Sarah Francis is left her Pug dog Patrick. She cannot even begin to understand why she did this to her, but surely it was for a reason right?


This does not fit into her current life as she is starting a new job in a secondary school teaching English to year 11s. Dramatically dumped by her boyfriend at the very start of the film after they had recently moved in together. She cannot understand why her Grandmother would do this to her considering she does not like dogs. Patrick has had a very spoilt life and therefore struggles to adapt to his new surroundings. The worst thing about it all is the pet ban on the flats that she lives in and trying to keep a dog quiet. So basically her life is a total mess.

As she attempts to adapt to having Patrick in her life, it does seem that he can bring men very easily into her life. Although whether they are actually very nice is something that is interesting. I actually felt that this film has some rather good and interesting moments. Like when she goes out on a date and doesn’t just agree to go out again she explains why she won’t, I find that pretty empowering in all honesty and it also showed some good character building when this man is very keen to take onboard the criticism he has so rightly received.

Her new teaching job did not come without its problems either trying to get not only the teenagers on board but other members of staff in the school. Having to try to train to take part in a 5k run becomes a big focus as well. The thing I liked the most about Sarah was that she actually felt very much like a real person and it was a very British film with the problems she was facing. I actually think this could have worked as a very different film in the romantic comedy genre in all honesty and I would have enjoyed to see that one more than I did this film, I actually felt it would have worked without the Pug . . . Even though Patrick is the name of the film. I guess it is a little bit confusing in terms of genre.

We are given many comedy moments through Patrick and it is interesting to see how a dog can have such an impact on someone’s life. Sarah’s family does not really approve of her teaching job and her mother even mentions about her dropping out of law school. I think that really helps to show how independent she is and that it is still frowned upon by so many to be single and confident with your situation.

I thought this was a rather impressive debut as lead in a film for Beattie Edmondson (who is Jennifer Saunders daughter just incase you didn’t know) and I am very interested to see what she is going to do next as this really was such an impressive role leading the film in such a real and impressive fashion. Along with that you will see plenty of familiar British actors throughout the film and that really does give it a familiar feel.

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