Ice Princess (2005) Review


Casey Carlyle has never really fit in throughout High School, she is very intelligent and everything is about to change when she decides she wants to become a Championship figure skater which does not please her mother who has high hopes and dreams for her daughter attending Harvard.


Something I want to mention pretty early on about this film and its storyline is that it certainly sends some very mixed messages and that is a little disappointing considering this is a Disney film. I would hope they would send messages that you really can do it all and have everything if you work hard for it. But in the end that is not what is said from this film. If you want to be a top ice skater you cannot do or have anything else.

The way Casey gets involved with ice skating and Tina Harwood a former skater now coach to mainly her daughter Gen, is through a science project. Looking at the angles and how this can help and change the routine for the better for the different skaters. When starting to do this though she becomes amazed by this world and wants to be part of it. Her knowledge of the number of turns and angles to leave and enter the ice give her a big advantage over newcomers to the sport. She might be starting late in terms of age but that doesn’t really create much of an issue with her growing knowledge thanks to Science and motion capture she does of the skaters.

It boasts a rather impressive cast with Joan Cusack and Kim Cattrall offering the very different mother roles. Both of who are very good and that is pretty much what we would expect from them. Cusack for me is one of the best supporting actresses around no matter which film she has been in she is on top form, in this rather small film that is again no different. I enjoy seeing Cattrall as a character that is not Samantha from SATC something which is hard when someone has been involved in a very popular TV show.

In the leading role we have Michelle Trachtenberg who I have just noticed was in Gossip Girl, I didn’t remember that when watching the film. I think she ok in the role but nothing spectacular which I guess is shown that she hasn’t really had many full on leading roles since this film. We have Hayden Panettiere alongside her, yes she was the girl in Remember the Titans! I thought she was good in her role as the skater who actually didn’t want to do it anymore but was pushed by her mother.

I do enjoy watching films about different sports as it certainly gives different views and ideas of how it is behind the scenes and in training for competition. Which in ice skating seems to be very brutal indeed! With the early morning starts and then missing out on having any type of social life during school, that seems to be the case for this sport. I am not saying rush out and watch it but if you like this type of thing then it certianly is one of the better offerings from Disney in this genre.

2 thoughts on “Ice Princess (2005) Review

  1. I reviewed this film on my blog a few months ago (or maybe a year ago?) and while I don’t think it’s a good film, I did love how many different themes were in this film. I especially love how both the girl and her mother, Joan Cusack, see “feminism” in very different ways. Joan Cusack’s character is more the stereotypical ultra feminist who shuns anything girly and is all about brain, brain, brain whilst the girl’s character still focuses on schoolwork and whatnot, but doesn’t think there’s anything shameful in liking “girly” things.

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