Jerry Maguire (1996) Review


Jerry Maguire is a very successful sports agent, but when his morals get the better of him his ephinay costs him his job. Having to venture out on his own as an independent agent he must battle for the only athlete that stays with him in American Footballer Rod Tidwell and also falling in love with Dorothy Boyd who sticks by him through it all.


It has been quite a while since I last watched this film and it really is a fantastic film to revisit. Everything about it makes you switch off and fall into this crazy sport world that Cameron Crowe created in such a wonderful way. Actually having a sports agent with a conscious and caring about an athlete/client was certainly a good idea. Agents across all sports do not have very good reputation and all they want is money.

Ironically Rod Tidwell wants to be shown the money and wants Maguire to do that for him. I actually forgot how good that scene was making him shout “Show me the money” down the phone! Also I forget how much Cuba Gooding Jr really deserved his Oscar, his performance really is something else. Tom Cruise is outstanding as well, this was the phase where he was still showing how good of an actor he really is. I feel in the current day he has just gone for that action hero edge, back in the 80s and 90s he really was something else and that is shown in this film.

Not too long ago I watched Elizabethtown which is another Cameron Crowe film and having watched Jerry Maguire again I can see so many different things he has taken from this film and put into Elizabethtown, unfortunately that does not flow as well as Jerry Maguire. I actually feel that enough good things haven’t been said for this film and it really does manage to have a great mix of drama, romance and some comedy thrown in. A very good balance resulting in a very good film.

Renee Zellweger has good chemistry with Cruise and they deliver one of the most cheesy romantic scenes in cinema with the whole “You complete me” moment followed by “You had me at hello” but I don’t even care because I totally love that scene as well. In front of all those bitter women who haven’t had any luck with men, Dorothy thought she was the same but Jerry arrives just in time to save her from that fate. It felt more like a real relationship in terms of the doubts they both have at different times, I like seeing that on screen as it can be related to, and now we all live in hope that some soppy moments will then happen!

It all slowly builds up towards the moment of truth and if Rod will actually get a big contract or not and I think the way that is done certainly holds suspense and makes the ending even more satisfying and happy!

7 thoughts on “Jerry Maguire (1996) Review

  1. I’ve got a huge soft-spot for pretty much all Cameron Crowe-films, aside from Aloha which is a right mess, and Jerry Maguire is a true classic! I used to watch it a lot when I was a teenager, something really special about the whole vibe and, as you say, Cruise when he did his best ‘up and down’ characters, you know those types who lose it all but fight back.

    Also a big fan of Elizabethtown, all these films have awesome soundtracks as well! I HIGHLY recommend Almost Famous…

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      • I did exactly the same with Aloha, it was just over all the place and I also couldn’t do it!

        Almost Famous is right up there in my all-time list, you’ll see all of Cameron’s work in that one, I think it’s his best to be honest. So many iconic scenes.

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