Ocean’s Eight (2018) Review


On her release from prison Debbie Ocean has a plan to pull of the biggest jewel heist ever by hitting the Met in New York City during the high profile Gala. Assembling a team of only females to help pull it off.


Nothing  about Ocean’s 8 is a big shock or surprise but luckily it is more like Ocean’s Eleven rather than the sequels. It is sleek and has plenty of style along with a pretty good heist with the lovely twists we are used to at the end. Debbie Ocean is not much different from her brother Danny, who it seems has passed away somehow. We aren’t told any details on this at all.

Debbie on her release from prison is straight in touch with Lou who is her Rusty. I cannot help but compare the two as everything has been set up for the viewer to do just that in all honesty. While this has less characters, each character still links to one of the men due to the job they do as part of the heist.

Sandra Bullock leading the cast is a pretty good choice as she has everything it takes to pull it all off. I thought Anne Hathaway was the standout performer though with her over the top actress I love seeing the many different types of roles she takes on and she seems to get better each and every time. Cate Blanchett was flawless as usual and again she has such a range, the film wouldn’t have flowed in the same way without her. Rihanna was better than I expected as a hacker and fit in the role very well.

What I always find with films about crime and stealing something is that they make it look relatively easy especially when it comes to hacking into computer systems, I guess we have to hope that is actually harder than it looks in films! It obviously leaves it all ready for a follow up like pretty much every film now, they think about a franchise and I am sure we will see more from these women! I would actually like a bigger crossover, we get a couple of nice surprises with a couple of characters from the other Ocean films and I would like to see more of that mixed in all honesty. As long as it has a decent plot to go along with it as by Ocean’s Thirteen I think that was all long gone.


6 thoughts on “Ocean’s Eight (2018) Review

  1. Nice review! I haven’t seen any of the other Ocean’s movies, but I had so much with this one. A crossover would be so cool, especially as Debbie wasn’t 100% convinced her brother was actually dead…hmmmm!

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    • I was so hoping Clooney was going to appear at the end!

      I loved Elliott Gould’s appearance at the start as well, he was such a great character in the other Ocean films. He also didn’t sound convincing that Danny was dead 🤞🏻He isn’t!


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