Incredibles 2 (2018) Review


Bob Parr aka Mr Incredible is about to have his hope of being a superhero again dashed as his wife Helen aka Elastigirl is out saving the world and getting Supers legal again!


First of all I must mention that this turned out to be a fantastic preview as the film does not open in the UK until July 13th, this was thanks to Cineworld and the latest Secret Screening for Unlimited card holders. I do love an extended preview!

Heroism is still very much illegal and as the film starts the Incredible family are attempting to stop the Underminer and it does not go to plan and leads to them getting arrested. From this though it stems the main story of trying to get superheroes out of hiding and make them legal again to help save people.

It all moves at a very good pace and Mr Incredible is rather disappointed that his wife is the superhero a company wants to drive the idea forward. Coming out to really help and show that superheroes just want to use their powers for the greater good. The characters each have different things going on and I found Violet’s struggles to be very good having to deal with not only being a superhero but a teenager as well.

The film couldn’t be anymore relevant if it tried showing that women really can have and do it all. With Helen as Elastigirl being an amazing superhero and still being a mother as well. Proving that you don’t have to pick between career and family. I thought on the flip side to that leaving Bob at home to try to look after the children offered a good perspective that men think that is easy. But with a lot of effort they too can manage family life and keep everything running smoothly.

Along with all of that Jack-Jack is coming into powers and seems to have so many, that certainly does creat the most amusing moments in the film. As the family try to keep track of him and look after him with all of the changes going on. I think it helps to show that all families have a lot going on, imagine the superpowers to go along with it!

The thing I love about Pixar is that you forget your actually watching an animated film, the characters feel more real than others and I found myself fully engaged and into this one. I am sure it will be a massive hit at the box office, I mean come on it’s incredible right?

The mixture of serious problems and different events happening can be very much linked to present day problems. It seem as though this was the perfect time for a sequel, fourteen years later!  Nice to have a female role in such a positive manner in an animated film, we really are getting away from the whole princess and men ruling everything. Great way to have it in this film as well, mixed with everything else people have to deal with. It does have some twist and turns in the plot, but all pretty straight forward and easy to work out. Overall though an entertaining film.

5 thoughts on “Incredibles 2 (2018) Review

  1. I definitely enjoyed this one way more than the first one! I think really pushing feminism by making Elastigirl the main hero in this one was a brilliant move. I do wish the villain wasn’t so predictable but the movie had me laughing the whole way through and the action was super fun!

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