Troy (2004) Review


An epic film adaptation of Homer’s great epic which looks into the assault on Troy by the united Greek forces as we find out the fate of the men involved including the legendary Achilles.


It had been quite a lot of years since I last watched this film, which I am pretty sure I saw at the cinema due to my Orlando Bloom obsession. Watching it again now is certainly a very good re-watch and re-visit. Especially considering I forgot just how impressive the whole cast is, along with some of the scenes which are visually stunning.

The film doesn’t mess around in kicking everything off which is due to Paris a Trojan Prince who falls in love with Helen who is the Queen of Sparta and persuades her to leave her husband Menelaus enlisting the help of his brother Hector when they are on the boat back to Troy. Menelaus then gets help from his brother Agamemnon to get her back, which sets everything in motion as 1000 ships set sail with 50,000 Greeks to head to Troy to get her back.

So basically if this teaches us anything it’s that love really does cause big problems! Helen becoming Helen of Troy and taken into the family, although I did think it was pretty impressive to see Hector wanting to take her back. He was a true warrior and Prince wanting to defend and look after his people, always having Troy’s best interest at heart. Priam wanting to protect his city and two sons as well, offers very good insight at times. One of the best moments in the film taking place in the tent speaking to Achilles.

Another thing I think looks impressive with the film are the battle scenes, which along with the music create a very epic feel around it and that is something that makes this film look better than I remember it. I know this was following on from Lord of the Rings with the special effects used for the battle scenes. Being able to create a huge crowd from not that many extras. But still has a nice feel to it.

Performance wise this cast is pretty outstanding as individuals but then work very well together. Peter O’Toole certainly shows that he was a top class actor, stealing each scene he is in from start to finish. He certainly gets some very good lines and it is great to see him in that type of role. Brad Pitt being Achilles is a little bit more of a mixed performance due to the amount of time he actually spends in his tent and not in the action. Eric Bana is very strong as Hector and I think he shows a very powerful performance. Orlando Bloom is in a key role of Paris and I still enjoy him in this film, it must be the romantic lines he is given! I still feel though that the female characters weren’t given the best support in this film which was a shame with Diane Kruger, Rose Byrne and Saffron Burrows. They just aren’t given enough attention to strive in the film for me.


2 thoughts on “Troy (2004) Review

  1. It’s interesting to dig into the actual history of the fall of Troy, which, of course had very little to do with ‘true love’ and everything to do with Troy be a rich plum on a major trade route between the East and West, and everyone wanting it for their very own. 🙂

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