Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) Review


After the events from 2015 and the theme park having to close down and a lot of money paid out to the people who were there, the island was left and a volcano is about to erupt. Claire heading up a save the dinosaurs campaign cannot let them become extinct again and asks for Owen’s help!


When Claire was talked into heading back to Isla Nublar to try to save the dinosaurs we quickly learn that the plan was not as she first thought. Especially after persuading Owen to be on the trip as well, after finding out Blue the raptor he had trained was still alive on the island. The thing is though this plot was not much different to The Lost World, which was a little bit of a shame really. Except what followed was very unique to this time for the money involved.

The worst thing about heading into this film was that I was really looking forward to it. The first Jurassic Park film is extremely special and I still love it to this day. Jurassic World was not a bad addition and a way to restart the franchise. The only problem with Fallen Kingdom is that the main action on the island seems to be over and done with very quickly.

Don’t get me wrong though I did enjoy a few different moments in different scenes with the comedy that is thrown into the film. Especially with Chris Pratt which is something he is very good at in this type of action film, he really has made his own style. Which we get to see in this film and similar to his character in the Marvel universe, not a bad thing at all considering it works. I did feel cheated with Jeff Goldblum’s role as I thought he was having a big part again, hope I wasn’t the only one who thought that?

I actually feel that the film tried a little bit too hard to take a more serious edge and creating a different and new world, in terms of the money for the dinosaurs. Along with another twist in the tale. Lockwood makes an appearance and we get mentions of Hammond again and the world they both dared to dream of and create. It just feels on the whole this was lacking something. Something that I cannot quite work out, I am hoping when people see the film they will feel the same way. As it finished my initial thoughts were “I’m not sure about that” and I think that still stands after seeing it last night. With some decent scenes but overall lacking the enthusiasm from the first film.


14 thoughts on “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) Review

  1. I’m the same as you Caz in terms of LOVING the franchise, well… most of it! And while there were some truly iconic moments in Fallen Kingdom, the key word for me is… uneven.

    That opening third looks stunning, the T-Rex with the volcano exploding I think was an iconic shot, but yeah, it all happens so quickly! Is it a thriller, is it a comedy? And while it settles down after all the island work into something more cohesive, it’s a little messy before that, even when it looks good.

    How sad was ‘that’ Brachiosaurus moment though? Heartbreaking. Chris Pratt saves it a little for me, he’s really natural in the role but overall it was good fun, but just a bit messy in places.

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    • Oh yes the Brachiosaurus moment was my favourite, an incredible shot and so sad at the same time! I even mentioned that to my Dad when we came out of the screening.

      Uneven is the word to describe this one!

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  2. I had such a great time with this film. None of them will ever beat my never ending love for the original but this one made dinosaurs scared again and totally delivered in it’s visuals and superb action set pieces. The whole point of the film was to move the dinosaurs away from the island finally as we’ve seen that all before in the previous additions. Bayona bought something a bit more fresh and new to the table I thought. As for Jeff Goldblum’s involvement, you could tell from the trailer that he wouldn’t be a main key player. Luckily, I found out before seeing the film that he is nothing more than an unnecessary cameo so I didn’t completely feel disappointed by that.

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  3. That is why I am not going to see it. Seeing the trailer it feels recycled and I don’t like that. However like you I love the first one. Nice post.

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