Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Review


A look at the early years of Han Solo and how he meets his future co-pilot Chewbacca and an encounter with Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion.


Han Solo had plenty of different things to worry about as he was attempting to get a better life for himself and then girlfriend Qi’ra who he got separated from and that is what is driving him forward. Trying to get to get back to her to save her from the life they did not want. His ambition to become a pilot and then be able to get enough money to fly back and get her. While doing this it included signing up to fight for the Empire ending up in a war and then escaping with Tobias Beckett and his crew, after coming across Chewie of course!

I am probably not enough of a Star Wars fan to fully appreciate all of the references linking to other events in the universe and things that are to come, even though we have already seen them. I got the obvious ones and that was ok, but I am sure I would have missed quite a few. I thought it was good to see Han and Chewie meeting for the first time and how the nickname came about. How he managed to get the Millenium Falcon and other small things that tie everything together.

Overall with that I would say that this film then was left feeling very average and the best word to describe it would be ok. I just don’t feel it hit the heights of the other Star Wars films we have had in recent years. I wouldn’t really call it disappointing either though as I wasn’t really expecting too much from the film. We are given some new characters and more background on older characters that we have seen in many different time frames now.

Alden Ehrenreich was engaging enough as a young Han Solo and took on the role in very enthusiastic manner. But will the plot not having any real substance he was pretty much let down by the lack of build up around it all. Throwing in Donald Glover as a young Lando Calrissian was a good casting choice as well. Chewie obviously stealing the scenes, but nothing new with that at all. I wasn’t a huge fan of Emilia Clarke in this one as Qi’ra we weren’t given enough background on her character and what actually happened to her. I think that would have allowed everyone to care a little bit more about what was going to unfold and happen. Along with that Dryden Vos was a very sub-standard villain, who did not really give off enough to fear him.

They weren’t going to get everything right with this new Star Wars franchise which keeps taking us backwards and forwards again, then somewhere in the middle. I just fear Disney are going to keep making it very confusing in terms of the timeline and it isn’t going to fit together very well anymore. Do we really did to have each and every gap and moment in the universe filled? I certainly don’t think so. It does seem very doubtful we will see any more from this Han Solo though, with the poor box office performance. Too soon? I certainly think so!

7 thoughts on “Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Review

  1. Great review. I think there is a danger of having too many spin offs that it diminishes the Star Wars franchise. Maybe J.J. Abrams directing Episode IX will restore the balance.

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  2. Great review. This was a disastrous mistake for Disney – “Solo” will lose $50-75 million, a stunning reversal of fortune for the franchise…I think it’s twofold: too soon after “The Last Jedi” and NOBODY thinks this guy is a young Harrison Ford: the previews do not suggest he became the slightly craggy, grumpy and independent character that Ford created for “Star Wars”. You are absolutely right that they have lost their way and confused the fans.

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    • A part in the film really confused me as well, towards the end and I didn’t get the timescales/timelines . . . It’s actually crazy how much money they will lose. It wasn’t a bad film, but it wasn’t a good one either.


  3. Rogue One worked as a ‘prequel’ because no-one knew what was going to happen to the characters. I had a ‘bad feeling’ about this one as soon as it was announced. The best I can say is it’s not terrible.

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