Nothing Like a Dame (2018) Review


Nothing Like a Dame is a truly fantastic documentary where four outstanding actresses with amazing careers sit down and have a chat, about the good old days and how things have changed. Considering my love for film and the theatre this really was the perfect watch for myself. Brilliant to see four women who have achieved so much given the opportunity to get together all now over eighty years old!


All coming from very similar theatre backgrounds and having known one another for over fifty and sixty years, which is a pretty incredible thing in itself. I was very pleased that this had made its TV debut on BBC Two very quickly after the one night only at the cinema last month, unfortunately I could not make that time due to work. So pleased I have quickly caught up with what is a truly fantastic 1 hour and 24 minutes of entertainment.

Four inspiring women who really do not care what they say about things anymore, I liked how they discussed different theatre productions and how they would turn down roles. To this day Judi is given all of the offers first and they must pick up what is left over, I find Maggie Smith to be absolutely hilarious and with an attitude I wish I could have towards everything! The conversations between the women are brilliant and a lot of mentions for Lawrence Olivier who Joan Plowright was actually married to, all agreeing that he was difficult to work with.

I found a lot of it very interesting to hear how they were treated in the theatre in the early days and encouraging how things have then since changed. Judi Dench having been in A Winter’s Tale last year for a six-week stint, I think that really does highlight the work ethic of these incredible women who don’t ever seem to want to stop acting. The determination to succeed and still be going to this day is certainly a testament towards work ethic along with love and passion for their art. I think that is something all young people should think about.

I really will recommend this to everyone and anyone who is interesting in film and theatre, even just watching like myself. I think for anyone wanting to get into the arts it could also be used for inspiration. But also that it does take a lot of hard work and years to perfect it all and become successful. The thing is though with the achieved footage and stories told they all seem to have had a truly outstanding time along the way. Isn’t that something we all actually want in live to enjoy ourselves, these four Dame’s managed to do that whilst working as well which surely is the dream?

So basically stop what you are doing right now and get onto BBC iPlayer and download this fantastic documentary on BBC Two and get ready to be entertained and respect these hardworking actresses even more than you probably already did. I am sure I will watch it again in a couple of weeks time.

There really is nothing like a dame!

6 thoughts on “Nothing Like a Dame (2018) Review

  1. This looks great, thanks for sharing! I went to a motion picture academy screening of “Mrs. Henderson Presents” where Dame Judi, along with the late Bob Hoskins, discussed the film – she was upbeat and fun!

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