Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager (2018) Review


A truly fitting tribute to a legend both on and off the football pitch. An inspirational manager and football man, still thought of and loved by many. This film gives a more intimate look at his life alongside the football.


Bobby Robson is still one of the most successful English managers of all time, daring to do what so many won’t and heading abroad to learn more about the game and different players. He seemed to always be ahead of his time, which often meant he wasn’t appreciated as much as he should have been. His death in July 2009 after battling cancer for the fifth time was a tough one to take. He had been an inspiration in my life and helping my love for football grow to an even higher level. But we can think that Bobby didn’t lose his battle with cancer he actually won 4-1.

I really felt as part of this review I had to just share how much Bobby Robson meant to me and I was there the day he came back home to Newcastle. At 12 years old that is me very excited for the future of Newcastle United and what a truly incredible five years that all was! Really making my love for football grow to an even bigger level, learning the game and supporting the Toon. I am pretty sure it had a huge impact on my decisions to head into football coaching myself and studying sport. Thank you Sir Bobby.

Top left corner!

The film was beautifully shot throughout with the changes allowing us to travel backwards and forwards through his football career to key moments and events which would shape and define the great man. Something to learn from this film is that it is not all about success and it seemed Bobby kept getting caught up in situations that weren’t really about him. His time in Barcelona and having the fans backlash against the President. In his time as England manager when the tabloid newspapers were starting wars with each other, this likeable man ended up with so much abuse. The England managers job really does seem like the worst to take on, but Italia 1990 and reaching the semi final of the World Cup is the best England have done since winning it in 1966.

I found the parts about Barcelona, PSV, Sporting Lisbon and Porto to be absolutely outstanding. Showing Bobby learning the language and adapting to how the game was different. Surely that shows he was always wanting to learn. Jose Mourinho was a key figure in being his right hand man, translating and learning. Some of the things Jose said were truly fantastic! Along with Jose we are given Pep Guardiola, Alex Ferguson, Ronaldo, Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Paul Gascoigne. All sharing moments and stories from their careers and how much of a part Bobby played in those. We certainly hear “Bobby saved my career” a few times and I think it goes to show the legacy he has left behind. He worked with some of the best players in the world, helping them strive and develop even further.

The thing is though after his terrible sacking from Newcastle, no one will ever really understand how that was possible. Then having to battle cancer again, the Bobby Robson Foundation was set up and has raised so much money towards helping others with cancer. So he not only has a football legacy but he has a life legacy to help save others.

I throughly enjoyed this emotional journey taking a look back at the times Bobby had in football and how he rose above every single challenge he was given. He never had it easy, but the important thing to remember is he never ever gave up. A true football man, a gentleman and a legend.

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