Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (2017) Review


The Heffley family head out on a road trip to attend Meemaw’s 90th birthday party, which does not go to plan when Greg wants to attend a video game convention.


I feel as though I need to explain that I did not intentionally watch this film, I was watching another film on Sky Cinema and this came on after and I just well didn’t turn it off. In all honesty I did not know much about Diary of a Wimpy Kid other than it is a pretty successful range of children’s books. I had no idea that this was a reboot (in terms of actors) to the previous three films that had been made, I therefore have not seen any of them either.

Jason Drucker was in the leading role as Greg and I thought he was engaging enough from start to finish. The story for this film takes a look at technology and social media and how everyone has become obsessed with this. Having a phone ban for the family road trip was not something Greg and Rodrick were very happy about at all. But the same went for Frank who could not bear to be away from work and his office. This ban driven by Susan who wanted nothing more than to spend time with her family.

I have to admit that it feels strange seeing Alicia Silverstone now playing the role of a mother, and a mother of a 16-year-old I must add! When I still see her from Clueless and the pretty awful attempt for Batgirl, I guess that is when we actually forget how much time has passed since those films!

The film obviously has plenty of slapstick moments where characters are covered with different things, adding in a pig as well to create different moments to go along with it all. I would actually be curious to how this works with the book it is based on. I guess the cast changes would have been a little bit strange for people who have been following the film series but I came into this totally blind of any knowledge of the franchise.

Predictable as it moves through the running time as we can guess what is going to happen next and without any real care about it in all honesty. I think it’s a shame really as Drucker was likeable enough in the leading role it was just a shame he didn’t have the same support. I did not like Charlie Wright as Rodrick and felt it did not fit very well with the rest of the family unit.

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