Adventureland (2009) Review


In the summer of 1987, James Brennan must take a ‘nowhere job’ at a local amusement park after graduating college and finding out his parents cannot fund his summer trip to Europe or his post-grad courses the following year! He is about to have a wake up call into the real world . . .


It doesn’t take James long to fall in love with Emily one of his co-workers and he will quickly find out life lessons that he did not learn at all in school. The lessons about love, life and being hurt are not something you want to experience in such a short space of time but that is what everyone must go through at some point.

Through in drugs, infidelity and broken homes showing just how an awful childhood can lead to bad choices as you get older. That is something we can see with Emily who was drawn into an affair with the charming Mike. Little did she know that she wasn’t the first and wouldn’t be the last as his yearly work brings him to the latest girls working at the amusement park for the summer.

The workplace is rather shady ran by Bobby and Paulette played by Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig offering more of the comedy edge for the film in the smaller roles they are given. In a strange way looking after the workers, although not always how you would expect employers to behave!

I seem to have a slight weakness for Jesse Eisenberg as I always seem to quite like the characters he is portraying in the different films, although yes he is very typecast in those roles, but I always seem to find myself feeling very sorry for him and that he’s a bit geeky and doesn’t really know any better. Which is certainly the case as James in this film, he has no idea about love and sex. Or even how to actually get along with girls in the better way.

A slightly different role for Ryan Reynolds considering he is usually the nice guy but changing that imagine in this film as Mike who pretty much takes what he wants when he wants it when it comes to girls. Despite being married he will pick a new girl each summer, well that is the information we are given really. Along with that storyline we are also given a relationship that is doomed due to religion.

In all honesty I don’t think I really knew anything about this film before watching it and it surprised me with the different points it had to make, nothing groundbreaking but certainly watchable and a better performance from Kristen Stewart considering this was between Twilight films when it was released. If anyone in the UK is interesting in watching this, it is currently on Prime Video through Amazon.

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