The Whole Nine Yards (2000) Review


Oz a dentist who was totally sick of his awful life and horrible wife is about to have a wake up call when a rather famous hitman Jimmy “the tulip” moves in next door!


Until watching this film yesterday I hadn’t seen it for quite a few years and I have to admit that I still find it very amusing and that just has to be because of Matthew Perry in it very much as Chandler from Friends in a different setting. We all know his style of character and comedy as Chandler works so well and it transfers into this comedy with Bruce Willis as a hitman so well. Perry keeps the tone nice and light from start to finish as the very scared and nervous dentist, whose wife is trying to get him killed.

Add in Jill who has been working for Oz and trying to get him to branch out away from his horrible marriage and wife. As Oz must head to Chicago he begins to get involved in possible murder and the hitmen coming after him instead. The plot isn’t very deep or complicated so it’s not really going to surprise anyone with the way that it goes. Although the fact Oz is a dentist will help out in the end!

It’s not at all groundbreaking but it is entertaining enough, especially if you like Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis also throwing Michael Clarke Duncan into that as he is very effective in adding more fear to Oz with his character and that is certainly something else that makes the film amusing from start to finish. Sometimes revisiting films that you liked and enjoyed many years ago is a very refreshing thing to do as you will already have opinions on it and I think because of that it doesn’t really change how much you enjoy a film. I certainly have a few that fit into that category now!

If you haven’t seen the film before I am not really sure how people will find it now, considering the changes in this genre. But come on Bruce Willis as a hitman and playing it very straight in a comedy like this is something that you should really experience just once!

If you have seen this can you remember your thoughts on it and would you watch it again now? I felt as though I had to watch it again so I could put together a review and some thoughts on it. A very simple plot with some good comedic performances.

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