Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life (2018) Review


A very long friendship of over 30 years between Steve Martin and Martin Short has led them to a Netflix special show which certainly does showcase the writing and comedy they have been so well-known for. Adding in some clever songs and poking fun at themselves, each other and everyone else!

I can remember quite a while ago when the build up towards this started with a short trailer and an announcement with a funny video from them both on Steve Martin’s twitter feed with their heads actually missing out of it. I found that this show certainly highlighted that both men still have a lot of energy and are not afraid to make themselves look silly at all.

They reminisce about their careers and poke fun at one another throughout showing that it is a very real friendship! I found it enjoyable enough from start to finish as let’s face it comedy shows like this are entertaining. Especially considering my love for them both from one of my favourite films growing up, Father of the Bride (and part II) but I have since learnt that they are obviously a lot more than that. I was impressed with the different styles of comedy they took on in the rather short time, who doesn’t love comedy mixed in with music?

If you don’t like the pair then this certainly will not be for you, but if you do like either of them I am sure you will enjoy it a lot. I think we will see more shows like this from Netflix and it reminded me a little bit of the Bill Murray Christmas special that we got a couple of years ago. I welcome this change as a short comedy programme is a nice break from binge watching a TV series or catching up with different films, or even scrolling to find something to watch for many hours.

The pair work so incredibly well together and bring out the very best with different one liners and the banter exchanged. Showing just how comfortable they are creating a good atmosphere for a very joyful 70 minutes. I enjoyed the film references that were put in and the memories from different decades.

Will you watch this?

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