Father’s Day: Films to Watch with Dad!



Father’s Day is fast approaching Sunday 17th June 2018 . . .

What films do you think about when you think of your Dad and what have they got you into in terms of films? Well, I certainly have to say that for myself Arnie is an actor that I think my Dad made me a fan of! He is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures along with Stallone!

So check out those eight films overall that would be perfect if your Dad loves the bad-ass action films and who doesn’t love Die Hard and Rocky? Both male and females can certainly appreciate them. I love myself a good action film and I think they are perfect to watch with your dad on Father’s Day! That bundle from Fox would be fantastic I think!

What are your favourite films to watch with your Dad? 

3 thoughts on “Father’s Day: Films to Watch with Dad!

  1. My stepdad likes Arnie and is into all those old action films. My dad is more of a sci-fi man and he got me into Star Trek. We also watched spaghetti westerns and old comedy films together. The film Clockwise, starring John Cleese, always reminds me of him.


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