Evita (UK Tour) Review


Eva Peron – Madelena Alberto
Peron – Jeremy Secomb
Che – Gian Marco Schiaretti
Magaldi – Oscar Balmaseda
Mistress – Cristina Hoey

Venue: Theatre Royal, Newcastle

Date: Tuesday 22nd May 2018


Evita is easily one of my favorite stage musicals as it has so many fantastic songs and moments, the most well-known of course being ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ which really is an amazing musical theatre experience. Madelena Alberto has made the role of Eva Peron very much her own having played the part in a previous UK tour as well as a stint in the West End and I was very excited to get to see her live on stage. She is truly outstanding as Eva and portrays her journey from a young girl to becoming a powerful woman in an elegant manner. Her vocal range is outstanding and I was almost in tears at her rendition of ‘You Must Love Me’ that part of the show really does rip your hear out.


Her chemistry with Jeremy Secomb was brilliant and I thought he was a terrific Peron really commanding the stage and providing an excellent base for Alberto to bounce off. I have to mention that I was very excited to see her on stage again as he was my Javiet when seeing Les Mis for the very first time. To see him in this role was such a lovely treat.

253AF5D1-9DD5-4B91-BF0D-2339BC0730AEThe role of Che is a very tricky one considering the stage time and presence that is required to really pull it off and that is something Gian Marco Schiaretti certainly has. During so many of the musical numbers he shows what an incredible singer and actor he really is, with so much emotion poured into the role he is amazing up on that stage! You are drawn to watching him throughout to see the reactions to everything that is unfolding.

The story of Eva Peron as a woman who wants nothing more than to succeed, quickly changes her ways Peron a colonel and an actress together. What could possibly go wrong? When everything goes very right for them to be voices of the people of Argentina. The best thing is that this history lesson is done with so many outstanding songs it really does make for fantastic theatre.

It really is a show that I will see again and again it has so many different things going for it. For the performances I feel I also must mention Cristina Hoey as Mistress who gets the task of singing ‘Another Suitcase in Another Hall’ and she is incredible. That has to be one of the most heartbreaking and sad songs in musical theatre and it was totally nailed.

I just felt this production really was something special with a mention to the set design and dance routines for each number. Having the stage filled and attempting to keep an upbeat tone when in reality this show really is depressingly sad, but a powerful woman and an incredible role for any actress to take on!

This current UK Tour is booking up until November 2018 – HERE but the cast will be changing from July 2018.


One thought on “Evita (UK Tour) Review

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