13 Reasons Why (Series 2) Review


What happened after the tapes? We are about to find out as Hannah’s parents fight for the school to take some responsibility for the bullying that led to her suicide.

I binge watched season one of 13 Reasons Why when it was released last year and in all honesty have been curious to see what was going to happen in season two considering the original was based on a book of the same name. This series picks up 5 months after Hannah’s death and sees her parents in court battling for the school to take some responsibility for not giving her enough support. Along with this we are about to see many of the characters put on the stand, mainly from the tapes and find out more of the story. I guess we can really look at series one from how Hannah found it and then small pieces put in place to what else had happened that she did not mention.

I felt this season really gave some fantastic character developed and we got to see different sides to Zach, Jessica, Alex and Tony. Others were also included in that but those were my favourites in all honesty, we get more of Clay who has now become very angry as he attempts to deal with still being in love with Hannah despite her suicide. He cannot accept that she did it and will not forgive her for it, this causes him to struggle and still see her around and talk to her.

Kevin Porter really accepting that he could have done more was a particular highlight as well, I felt as though the tapes really did make most people want to be better and correct the mistakes they made not only towards Hannah but to others as well. It really takes the bullying theme and turns it around to redemption.

Everyone watching this show wants to see Bryce really pay for what he did to both Hannah and Jessica, but as we get to find out they were not the only ones. Plenty more victims were around the school as we find out what a beast he really is, along with his Baseball/Football players. Although I did like the one character who said he used to just play Baseball and how he attempted to help out. The court case had an anticlimax and a horrible message attached depending on your social class, but I guess that is true to real life.

Considering the original theme for the series was a teenager committing suicide we have to remember that the High School does not really have a very good or nice atmosphere and somethings are really going to get a lot worse before they get better. What has happened to Justin since the events, well he has become what he had always feared really a drug addict. I thought that was a pretty powerful part of the storylines in all honesty. Along with Alex and his rehabilitation after attempting to take his own life at the end of season one. I didn’t want to mention the most disturbing and brutal scene but I feel like I have to which takes place in episode 13 and once you have seen it you can not forget about it very quickly. It is heartbreaking and awful, but unfortunately things like that do happen, so raising awareness yes. I still feel it stepped over the boundary though by what we actually get to see on-screen.

Everything I set up for a third season but I think the longer it goes on the more they are going to try to create more shocking situations which is a shame really as I feel as though I enjoyed more of this season than the last. It raises some very useful information about consent and I felt that linked in very well with the Me Too movement that we have been hearing about so often.

I will put a warning out though that in the UK this series is rated 18. That is for a very good reason, each episode comes with a warning before it and information on who to contact after it. So if you allow young children and young teens to watch this, it is a very bad idea as it does have a lot more graphic scenes than the first series, which was still very haunting at times.

2 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why (Series 2) Review

  1. I just binged season 1, and I actually enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Just started season 2. The young actors in this series are pretty great and believable in their roles! Glad I caught on to this kick.

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